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Delta 8 Wax

What is Delta 8 Wax?

Delta 8 Wax contains the most potent concentration of the delta 8-THC cannabinoids that are extracted from hemp flowers. Wax is known for being super potent. Concentrated Delta 8-THC Wax is known for being super potent when vaporized, so for a lesser experienced consumer, we recommend that you start slow. The wax can hit you hard and fast! For the consumer interested in experiencing a more powerful high, Delta 8 wax will deliver tons of cannabinoids in one little drop of dab.

The wax refers to the honey-colored, waxy substance that is created through the isolation process. The BHO (Butane Hash Oil) extraction method pulls the cannabinoids out creating a resinous compound.

The resulting wax contains Delta 8-THC, CBD, and beneficial terpenes. Any remaining butane is completely removed through a specialized process, leaving behind a pure wax loaded with beneficial cannabinoids.

Delta 8 wax is an affordable, high-potency option that lets you get a massive hit of concentrated cannabinoids. Consumers enjoy it as a way to get a long-lasting high quickly that doesn't hurt or burn the throat and lungs.


How to smoke Delta 8 wax?

Using a dab rig is going to be the most common way you can ingest Delta 8 wax. This particular tool is similar to a pipe but has a specific piece needed to vaporize the wax completely. This piece is called the dab nail, which is a small metal piece heated to a high temperature with a butane lighter.

To smoke wax, you place a tiny bit of dab onto this heated element (electric dab rigs are also available). Once the dab hits the nail, it will immediately vaporize and the smoke travels through a stem into a percolating cooling chamber filled with water. 

After it passes through the bubbler, it will go toward the mouthpiece. As you inhale, you take in a hit of concentrated Delta 8. You can also add your isolate of choice to the wax before you dab, providing an incredible boost of cannabinoids. So get ready to experience what a strong dose of Delta 8 can do! 

If you don't have a dab rig, don't worry! There are other ways to smoke the wax. You can easily add wax to your regular bowl, but you need to pack flower around it first. Load a half-bowl, and then you can place the dab on top of that.

Once it's in place, pack the bowl the rest of the way and smoke as usual. The direct flame could corrode the wax, but the cherry from the burning flowers provides the right kind of heat to melt and vaporize the wax.

Additionally, you can include Delta 8 wax in a joint or blunt. After you place the flowers onto the rolling paper, add a light layer of wax on top. Roll it as usual and spark up! The wax will melt from the burning cherry and give your joint an extra kick.


Where can I buy Delta 8 wax online?

Don't worry about wading through the internet to find reliable, safe, and high-quality Delta 8 wax! Finding Delta 8-THC wax is easier than ever.

The Hemp Haus is your best option for sourcing a wide variety of Delta 8 waxes that are sure to pack the cannabinoid punch. Not only are our products purity and quality tested, but we stand by each one as being the best option on the market.

Visit us online at to peruse our stocked inventory and to find your next favorite Delta 8 wax variety. We offer fast shipping and unbelievable customer service. Get your Delta 8 products shipped straight to your door and get dabbing!



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