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Buy Delta 10 THC Flower Online - $99 Ounce - The Hemp Haus

We can offer all strains of Delta 10 flower at the competitive price of $129 per ounce because we buy direct from growers.

By eliminating the middlemen of cannabis sales, we buy our product at lower prices and pass the savings on to consumers.

Our $129 Delta 10 ounces deliver the high quality at low prices.


The Best Delta 10 Flower Available Online

We have long-established relationships with 17 different grow operations, allowing us to hand-pick the best strains direct from the people who know them best.

Our goal is simple. We want to provide the very best Delta 10 flower at the best price possible.

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Toward that end, all the growers in our network employ strict organic farming practices. We buy bud grown in light-assisted or indoor greenhouses and stay away from outdoor and pesticide-enhanced flower.

We believe that harsh additives, such as chemical solvents or pesticides, always detract from the natural benefits of cannabis flower.

Delta 10 Flower Pounds Bulk or Wholesale

For those interested in buying Delta 10 by the pound, we are proud to offer competitive pricing.

Contact us today to learn about our wholesale options. Whether you’re interested in bulk purchasing a single strain or many, we will work to accommodate your needs.

The Strongest Delta 10 Flower Available

Our reliance on organic farming practices and solventless glazing applications means that our Delta 10 flower is the most powerful on the market.

When hemp plants grow naturally, without interference from man-made chemicals that harm development, they are free to mature to their full potential.

Not only does a natural approach mean a safer product, it allows the full natural flavor of each strain’s terpene profile to shine through, delivering better tastes and aromas.

If you’re interested in the best-tasting, strongest, and most natural Delta 10 THC bud on the market, The Hemp Haus is here to help.


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