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Delta 10 Pre Rolls

Pre-Rolled Delta 10 Joints

A perfectly packed Delta 10-THC pre-roll makes for a sweet smoke on an evening stroll or a lovely addition to your plans to “Netflix and chill.” Spark up one of these even-burning joints to spice up a conversation with friends and enjoy a fun buzz that will keep the party going. Bringing out a Delta 10 pre-roll will definitely set you apart as a cutting-edge cannabinoid connoisseur.


These pre-rolls are loaded with premium hemp flowers from farms that really care about their plants. These buds are cultivated using light-assisted greenhouses or indoor growing facilities, providing a superior environment for flower development. There is no outdoor flower in these joints, giving you the full flavor and potency you can trust from a Hemp House-approved product. These high-touch farming operations ensure that every bud is slow-cured to perfection, allowing an even burn (with no canoeing!) as you smoke.


Not many people are familiar with Delta 10-THC, the newest cannabinoid to be produced for recreational use. This cannabinoid is naturally occurring in hemp plants and is in the class of THC cannabinoids. While it does not have the same potency level as Delta 9-THC (which is the federally regulated form that most of us are familiar with), it shares some similar psychotropic effects. That means you can expect to get lovely and lifted when you light up one of our Delta 10 pre-rolls.


Best Delta 10 Pre Rolls

These are not like the joints your college roommate used to roll. We are meticulous with every since one (because a well-rolled joint is a beautiful thing!). Starting with the best quality flower means that the flavors are popping, and the smoke is even and smooth. This is kind hemp bud that won’t burn your throat and lungs while you enjoy the ride.


No stems, no shake! These joints are loaded with premium flowers that have been ground to the perfect size. We fill the joints by hand, packing them down to ensure there are no gaps or spaces that can impact the burn as you puff, puff, pass.


We don’t skimp on the buds, either! We know that a well-crafted joint is crucial to enjoying the smoke sesh. You won’t get any canoeing or uneven burns when you sit down for a smoke. These joints are loaded with flower, allowing a gentle intoxication from Delta 10-THC plus a mental buzz that will inspire creative thinking (and maybe even a dance party or two). 


Infused Indoor D10 Pre Rolls

Combining the magic of high-quality hemp flowers with our 100% solvent-free Delta 10-THC creates an incredible smoking experience. These power-packed pre-rolls are loaded with full-spectrum cannabinoids to give a boost to your day.


Our Delta 10-THC flower is produced using a proprietary solvent-free glazing process, created with your health and smoking pleasure in mind. In addition, our hemp flowers are carefully grown in optimal conditions to maximize terpene production. The final product gives you a mouth full of flavor and a body full of botanical benefits.


Delta 10-THC is a cannabinoid that is similar to Delta 8-THC. While it does not bind to the CB1 receptor, it provides a psychotropic experience similar to Delta 9-THC. Many users describe the difference between Delta 8 and Delta 10 as similar to the difference between an Indica and a Sativa, respectively. However, Delta 10-THC may provide a more uplifting and energizing effect while also helping soothe the struggles of the day as tension melts away.


One of the best benefits consumers have noticed is that Delta 10 often does not impart the same side-effects as Delta 9-THC. Namely, they don’t experience heightened feelings of anxiety or paranoia. While the sense of heightened euphoria is also potentially less, you may notice your senses sharpening as your body relaxes. Delta 10-THC is great for stimulating conversations and creative thinking. Got a project to work on? Spark one of these flower-infused pre-rolls and let your mind expand as your motivation gets a herbaceous kick!


Curious how Delta 10-THC will make you feel? We always recommend that you dose low and slow when first trying a new cannabinoid. For folks who are new to psychoactive cannabinoids, make sure that you give it ample time to take effect before you increase your consumption. Likewise, regular consumers of Delta 9-THC may need to take higher doses in order to achieve the desired level of effect.


You’ll love the boost to your day when you smoke the latest cannabinoid to hit the scene! At The Hemp Haus, we pride ourselves on offering the best quality smokeables, taking you from burned out to blissed out!


Wholesale and Bulk Delta 10 Pre Rolls Available

Curious to offer something unique in your retail space? Consider including our proprietary Delta 10-THC Pre Rolls on your stock list. These special joints make an excellent addition to your inventory, letting your customers know that you are on the cutting edge of cannabinoid-based products.


If you sell CBD or other hemp products, these pre-rolls will make an interesting addition to your shelf. Customers are always eager to learn about the next best thing in cannabinoid culture, so you’ll have trouble keeping these pre-roll stocked as word spreads!


Delta 10-THC is the newest cannabinoid-based product and is a unique alternative to cannabis. Because it is extracted from industrial hemp, these products are legal to purchase in most states in America. The 2018 Farm Bill federally legalized industrial hemp and any derivative products therein. Therefore, our Delta 10 pre-rolls can be legally sold to the public (though check your local regulations for current age restrictions).


We have special pricing for wholesale accounts and have bulk quantities available. Contact us at https://thehemphaus.com or if you are visiting Kansas City, Mo, stop by our shop to inquire about bulk purchases. We love to partner with other retailers and spread the word about where folks can find our products across the country.


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