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Dab Kit with Dab Tools - thehemphaus
Dab Kit with Dab Tools - thehemphaus
Dab Kit with Dab Tools - thehemphaus
Dab Kit with Dab Tools - thehemphaus
Dab Kit with Dab Tools - thehemphaus
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Load image into Gallery viewer, Dab Kit with Dab Tools
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Load image into Gallery viewer, Dab Kit with Dab Tools
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Load image into Gallery viewer, Dab Kit with Dab Tools
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Load image into Gallery viewer, Dab Kit with Dab Tools
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Dab Kit and Dab Tools

Dabs can take your enjoyment of cannabis to another level, and with the 710 kit by Hydra Vapor Tech, you can elevate your dab set-up, too. This high-quality dab kit comes in three different colorways and features a high-strength anodized aluminum shell with a magnetic sliding drawer for extra convenience and extra security. Inside, you’ll find two double-ended titanium dab tools, which include a spear, a shovel, a knife blade, and a silicone ball tip. In other words, all the dabbing tools you’re going to need.


There are two different concentrate containers in the 710 kit: A single large compartment and a three-compartment container with three different sized flame emojis on the lid so you can rate your fire. All containers, dab accessories, and other components can be removed from the drawer and are dishwasher safe.


If you’re in need of a discreet and secure wax container and a set of high-quality cool dab tools, this kit is everything you’re looking for all in one.

What Is a Dab Kit?

Alright, let’s take a step back for a moment. Perhaps you’ve heard of concentrates, and you’re interested in giving them a try, but you’re not familiar with exactly how it all works. Well, you’ve come to the right place. It’s always important to inform yourself as best as you can before trying any cannabis products. There’s actually quite a bit to know about dab tool kits and dab rigs compared to other forms of cannabis consumption.


A dab kit is essentially a tool kit with everything you’re going to need to enjoy your cannabis concentrates. Of course, you’re also going to need a dab rig and the concentrates themselves. Still, this set of titanium dab tools will be your best friend when it comes to maximizing your concentrate experience.

Your Dab Tool Set

When you open up your 710 kit by Hydra Vapor Tech, you may at first feel as though you’ve stumbled upon a set of surgeon’s tools, but we assure you they’re for enjoying THC, CBD, CBN Isolate and CBG Isolate not medical procedures. The reason why you’re going to want these dab utensils is that handling the concentrates requires a bit of precision, and the dab nail can get hot, so it’s best to keep a little distance.


The tools are made primarily for carefully collecting the concentrates from the dab container and holding them to the heat so you can take your hit, but they’re also helpful for cleaning. The silicone is used to help you get a good grip, so none of that precious wax goes to waste.

What Is a Dab Tool?

A dab tool is a metal utensil used in cutting and collecting dabs from the wax containers and applying them to the nail to vaporize it. The best dab tools have a good grip on them and a nice shovel and sharp edge for proper portioning. Learn more about CBN Isolate in this blog.

What to Use as a Dab Tool

Because you’re dealing with potent and valuable extracts, and because extreme heat is required to vaporize those extracts properly, it’s essential to have an excellent dabber tool. It’s recommended that you seek out a tool specifically designed for the process of dabbing, like the ones available in the 710 kit. The kit also comes with two silicone dab containers.


These tools offer all you need to properly dab and avoid wasting expensive concentrates or getting burned on the nail.


How to Clean a Dab Tool

If you vaporize your dabs properly, you’ll do most of the cleaning necessary while the tools are in use. However, the components of your whole 710 kit are dishwasher safe, so you can remove them all and throw them in for a cycle when they need to be cleaned.


If you don’t have a dishwasher, you can also throw the tools in a bag with isopropyl alcohol and let it soak for a while. If you’re wondering how to clean silicone dab containers without a dishwasher, you can also soak them in rubbing alcohol. Just be sure to allow them the chance to dry for a few days afterward, as silicone containers are absorbent.


Concentrate Containers

What is a concentrate container, anyway?


If you haven’t noticed, concentrates don’t come cheap. That’s because they’re a lot more potent than flower. The good news is you certainly get your money’s worth provided you dab properly. To ensure that you keep your investment safe, however, you should learn how to store dabs and get your hands on the best dab container you can find.


Fortunately, the 710 kit offers one of the best concentrate containers around. With this kit’s double wax container, you can rest assured that the only place your concentrates are going is right to your head.

Dab Rigs

A rig is similar to a bong. It’s a pipe, often made of glass, that uses water to filter and cool the vaporized concentrate before it reaches your lungs. The most significant difference between a dab rig and a bong is that a dab rig uses a dab nail rather than a simple slide piece.

Dab Nails

The dab nail is the part you heat up with a butane torch to vaporize your concentrates. They come in a variety of styles and can be made from a few different materials. Those materials include glass, quartz, titanium, and ceramic. Each one has its own set of pros and cons that are worth looking into if you’re interested in maximizing your dab experience.

How to Use a Dab Kit

Are you feeling a little overwhelmed? Don’t worry. Dabbing really isn’t as complicated as it sounds, but it does require a bit of knowledge, and there are some safety precautions you’re going to want to take. Just check out this quick and easy guide to using a dab kit for all you need to know.

Step 1: Choosing the Correct Portioning

It’s important to remember how potent concentrates can be and how little you likely need to get the desired effect. You don’t want to overdo it on your first go around, so always err on the side of too little. It’s much like adding spices to a cooking recipe—you can always add more, but you can’t take any out. Always be aware of the level of THC in your extract.

Step 2: Bust Out the Dab Tool Set

Take out your dabber tool and pop open your silicone concentrate container. Remember that you’re only going to need a tiny pinch of concentrate to get started. Otherwise, you’ll not only be wasting your money, but you’ll also potentially have an unpleasant experience.


Use your knife blade to cut up the concentrate into equal parts so you can have a general idea of the dosage. A typical starting dose is about 25 mg. Once you’ve got that done, use your shovel to scoop the dab up.

Step 3: Heat the Nail  

Dabbing requires a butane torch, as a simple lighter won’t get the job done. Once your dab is ready to go, turn on the torch and heat the nail until it is red hot.

Step 4: Apply the Dab

After it’s heated up, you’re going to want to let it cool down for about 10 to 45 seconds, depending on the type of nail you’re using. Then, grab your shovel tool with the dab on it and hold it directly to the heated nail, moving it around to ensure that all of the concentrate has had a chance to vaporize. Do this all while slowly inhaling.


Step 5: Finish the Job


Throw the carb cap on top of the dab while you finish inhaling. Hold and then exhale. You’ve now taken your first dab. Enjoy! 

Certificates of Analysis - COA

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Certificates of Analysis

 A strain specific list of all the CBD Flower, CBD Pre Rolls and CBD Isolate strains with their Certificate of Analysis displaying the total cannabinoids present in each strain.

Bubba Kush - CBD Hemp Flower

Stardust Bubba Kush CBD Hemp Flower Certificate of Analysis - COA

Hempress 2 - CBD Hemp Flower

Stardust Hempress 2 CBD Hemp Flower Certificate of Analysis COA 

Sour Diesel - CBD Hemp Flower

Stardust Sour Diesel CBD Flower Certificate of Analysis - COA

Suver Haze - CBD Hemp Flower

Stardust Suver Haze CBD Hemp Flower Certificate of Analysis COA

Northern Lights - CBD Hemp Flower

Stardust Northern Lights CBD Flower Certificate of Analysis COA

Zkittles - CBD Hemp Flower

Stardust Zkittles CBD Hemp Flower Certificate of Analysis COA

Tangie - CBD Hemp Flower

Stardust Tangie CBD Hemp Flower Certificate of Analysis COA

Pineapple Haze - CBD Hemp Flower

Pineapple Haze CBD Flower


Special Sauce - CBD Hemp Flower

Stardust Special Sauce CBD Hemp Flower Certificate of Analysis COA

Joe Exotic - CBD Hemp Flower

Stardust Joe Exotic CBD Hemp Flower Certificate of Analysis COA  1 of 2

Stardust Joe Exotic CBD Hemp Flower Certificate of Analysis COA 2 of 2

Oregon White - CBG Hemp Flower


John Snow - CBG Hemp Flower

Stardust John Snow CBG Hemp Flower Certificate of Analysis COA

Diesel Delta 8 Hemp Flower

Diesel Delta 8 Flower


Cookies Delta 8 Hemp Flower

Cookies Delta 8 Hemp Flower


Cheesecake Delta 8 Hemp Flower

 Cheesecake Delta 8 CBD Hemp Flower

Delta 8 Vegan Gummies - Strawberry & Green Apple

Delta 8 Vegan Gummies - Strawberry & Green Apple 


Space Cakes Delta 8 Hemp Flower



Cherry Cheesecake Delta 8 Hemp Flower


Tangie CBD Hemp Flower

Mendo Delta 8 Hemp Flower

Gelato Delta 8 THC vape cart 


Diesel Delta 8 THC vape cart


Bubba Kush Delta 8 THC vape cart


CBN Isolate

CBN Isolate Certificate of Analysis

CBN Isolate Infused CBD Pre Rolls

CBN Isolate infused CBD Flower Pre rolls Certificate of analysis



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