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CBG Flower

Buy CBG online is the new “CBG flower near me”. We only offer CBG flower bud that meets our hemp flower criteria. That’s why we source the best CBG flower from 17 independent craft farms that follow organic farming practices. For the best, get our CBG flower that is always 12- to 14-day slow-cured.  

To learn about other cannabinoids go to our Cannabinoid Dictionary page.

CBG Flower for Sale

Grown Indoors

You want hemp flower that comes from ideal growing conditions. HPS and LED lights and organic farming practices produce indoor CBG flower you won’t forget. Our CBG flower is 12- to 14-day slow cured, always.

Light Assisted Greenhouse

Hemp flower grown in optimal conditions—that’s the product of a light dep greenhouse with 1000 watt HPS and full spectrum lighting. Our light-assisted greenhouse CBG flower is 12- to 14-day slow cured and created with organic farming practices.

The Difference Between CBG & CBD

Check out our recent blog on why CBG is the new CBD and the difference between the two cannabinoids.

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