Delta 8 THC Pre Rolls Moonwalker OG Indica

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Delta 8 THC Flower Pre Rolls Moonwalker OG strain an indica dominant hybrid in glass tubes. Premium fortified Moonwalker OG delta 8 flower ground perfectly into a RAW cone weighing in at 1.2 grams making for the best Delta 8 THC Pre Roll. - thehemphaus

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Delta 8 Pre Rolls Moonwalker OG Strain Indica

Smoking Moonwalker Delta 8 Pre-rolls are a delightful way to spend an afternoon. These joints are made with hemp flowers cultivated using organic growing practices. The CBD plants are tended in indoor or light-assisted greenhouses to ensure optimal growing conditions. After harvest, the buds are carefully hand-trimmed and then slow-cured for 12-14 days. This provides a smoothly burning bud for making these potent pre-rolls.

Once the buds are ready, we coat them in a Delta 8-THC isolate. We only use solvent-free isolates to reduce our customers’ chemical exposure. Once the buds are coated, we apply a layer of kief to give a boost of terpenes and beneficial cannabinoids. Finally, we place the hemp flowers in a pressurized container, which causes the isolate to bind to the buds. The result is hemp CBD flowers boosted with Delta 8-THC that are visually indistinguishable from cannabis. These are used to create our pre-rolls, containing only high-quality buds (no shake or trim!).

In addition, we use Raw Cones, which are unbleached rolling paper with a filter to create a pleasant smoking experience. When smoking, users describe a tingling sensation through the body, which results in a heavy, sleepy sensation in the limbs. Their minds feel uplifted, positive, euphoric, and ready to either have meandering conversations or work on a creative project. The aroma of this bud is pungent, with sour earth notes with a hint of black pepper and tropical fruit. When broken up, the CBD flowers release a scent of minty pine, which you can also taste after smoking on the exhale. The flavor is hashy and peppery, with a spicy tingle that lingers in your mouth.

This CBD hemp flower is olive green, coated with orange hairs. The conical buds are coated inside and out with sparkly, resinous trichomes. Moonwalker CBD flowers grind well for joints, making them an excellent strain to use for our pre-rolled products.

What strain is Moonwalker

Get ready for a heavy-hitting Indica dominant hybrid made by Alien Genetics! At 60% Indica, Moonwalker Delta 8 pre-rolls are going to bring lovely relaxation and thoughtfulness to your afternoon. Smokers of this strain enjoy how it combines the equilibrium of a chill mind and lots of physical stimulation.

How do Delta 8 Pre-rolls make you feel, and what are the benefits?

Combining the benefits of a potent CBD hemp flower with Delta 8-THC, these pre-rolls pack a cannabinoid punch! As a result, you are receiving the benefits of both of these cannabinoids (plus many others naturally occurring in hemp plants). When cannabinoids are ingested in combination, scientists have found that the body can maximize their effects. In short, they are more potent when taken in together. Scientists call this the “Entourage Effect.” For example, studies have shown that THC is more effective at providing pain relief when it is not isolated. The effects of THC are increased when there is a concentration of CBD available as well. Many growers over the years have worked to decrease the amount of naturally occurring CBD in cannabis to produce a more potent high when smoked. However, these cannabinoids know how to work together. When we isolate them, often their potential benefits are decreased. High THC products are known to have a higher incidence of side effects like paranoia and anxiety. This is less common when THC is combined with CBD. Smoking pre-rolls that blend cannabinoids have a more significant therapeutic benefit in your body, including helping reduce inflammation, provide pain relief, and more. The Moonwalker Delta 8 Pre-rolls may bring your senses alive, stimulating good conversation, and bringing relief from stress, sore muscles, and headaches.

What is Delta 8-THC?

Have you heard of Delta 8-THC before? Also known as Delta-8 tetrahydrocannabinol, this cannabinoid is molecularly just one carbon bond away from being Delta 9-THC (which is the cannabinoid found in cannabis). That means that Delta 8 interacts with the receptors of the endocannabinoid system much the same. This cannabinoid naturally occurs in both hemp and cannabis plants (which are the same plant, by the way!) If a plant has more than .3% THC, then it is technically defined as cannabis. If it has less than .3%, then it is hemp. Delta 8-THC only exists in minute quantities in hemp plants, which inspired innovators in the hemp industry to isolate it. They found that in concentration, Delta 8-THC had a similar effect on the human body as Delta 9. 

Does Delta 8 get you high?

Delta 8-THC does, in fact, create a sensation of intoxication. It has psychotropic effects on the human body, just like Delta 9-THC. Smokers report sensations of euphoria, relaxation, and the familiar sense of feeling high they get from ingesting cannabis. You can ingest Delta 8 through pre-rolls, edibles, and vape cartridges. There are some differences, namely that many users report that while Delta 8 does make them feel high, it is not as potent as cannabis. In addition, this experience can be influenced by THC tolerance, which would show that heavy smokers of cannabis may not feel the effects as profoundly as someone who smokes less cannabis. Dosing will vary for each person. You can increase the dose of your Delta 8 hemp products if you would to increase the intensity of your high. Likewise, if you are just starting out, we recommend dosing low and slow to find the correct potency for you. The benefits of Delta 8 are that many users find there are fewer side effects of anxiety or paranoia. This makes it an excellent option for CBD users who are curious to try something a little stronger but aren’t ready or interested in smoking cannabis.

Delta 8-THC Near Me

Discovering where Delta 8 is available near you is as easy as hopping online. You can visit our website to peruse a multitude of Delta 8-THC products, including the Moonwalker Delta 8 Pre-rolls. Enjoy shopping through our massive inventory of CBD and Delta 8 products and have them shipped straight to your door. If you are local to the Kansas City, Missouri area, we invite you to stop by our brick-and-mortar shop. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can help you find the right products for you (and make suggestions for new things you may not have tried yet!). Our shelves are stocked with high-quality products that are grown with organic farming practices. In addition, we require third-party purity testing to ensure that everything we offer to our customers is the best potency. Shop at our store or online to find the best Delta 8 flower, pre-rolls, edibles, vape cartridges, extracts, and so much more. We are dedicated to providing education, superior quality products, and a pleasant shopping experience. We look forward to serving you soon!

Certificates of Analysis - COA

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Certificates of Analysis

 A strain specific list of all the CBD Flower, CBD Pre Rolls and CBD Isolate strains with their Certificate of Analysis displaying the total cannabinoids present in each strain.

Bubba Kush - CBD Hemp Flower

Stardust Bubba Kush CBD Hemp Flower Certificate of Analysis - COA

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Stardust Hempress 2 CBD Hemp Flower Certificate of Analysis COA 

Sour Diesel - CBD Hemp Flower

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Suver Haze - CBD Hemp Flower

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Northern Lights - CBD Hemp Flower

Stardust Northern Lights CBD Flower Certificate of Analysis COA

Zkittles - CBD Hemp Flower

Stardust Zkittles CBD Hemp Flower Certificate of Analysis COA

Tangie - CBD Hemp Flower

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Special Sauce - CBD Hemp Flower

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Joe Exotic - CBD Hemp Flower

Stardust Joe Exotic CBD Hemp Flower Certificate of Analysis COA  1 of 2

Stardust Joe Exotic CBD Hemp Flower Certificate of Analysis COA 2 of 2

Oregon White - CBG Hemp Flower


John Snow - CBG Hemp Flower

Stardust John Snow CBG Hemp Flower Certificate of Analysis COA

Diesel Delta 8 Hemp Flower

Diesel Delta 8 Flower


Cookies Delta 8 Hemp Flower

Cookies Delta 8 Hemp Flower


Cheesecake Delta 8 Hemp Flower

 Cheesecake Delta 8 CBD Hemp Flower

Delta 8 Vegan Gummies - Strawberry & Green Apple

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Gelato Delta 8 THC vape cart 


Diesel Delta 8 THC vape cart


Bubba Kush Delta 8 THC vape cart


CBN Isolate

CBN Isolate Certificate of Analysis

CBN Isolate Infused CBD Pre Rolls

CBN Isolate infused CBD Flower Pre rolls Certificate of analysis



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