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Monkey Brains Strain CBD Flower

Although it’s a new strain on the market, Monkey Brains CBD flower’s effectiveness is sure to make it a mainstay for years to come.

As a hybrid CBD strainMonkey Brains contains traits of both sativa and indica plants. This helps it affect users both physically and mentally, bringing sweet relief and happy feelings with every toke.

Unlike some other CBD strains that bring quick relief then disappear, Monkey Brains sticks around. Just one session can soothe discomfort for three to four hours. Doubling the dosage leads to sleepy moods and a purely relaxed experience, making it a great option for users who want a strain that can help them get through the day and relax at night.

The Monkey Brains flower grows into dense, spade-shaped buds that resemble brussels sprouts heavily dusted with parmesan cheese. Each medium-sized nug is a bright forest green hue covered with crystallized white trichomes. The plant material is just slightly sticky when broken apart and releases a sweet, fruit-like aroma.

Monkey Brains was created by selectively breeding the finest examples of Purple Urkle, Headband, and Monkey Balls plants. Purple Urkle is a sleep-inducing strain that exemplifies California indica and gives Monkey Brains is calming power. The hybrid strain Headband is a fruity powerhouse that lends some of its mighty terpene profile to its daughter. And Monkey Balls is a sleepy citrus-flavored hybrid that is slightly more indica than the Monkey Brains strain.

If you’re in search of a perfect day or night option to relieve unwanted mental fog and relax the body, Monkey Brains is your best bet.

Craft Hemp Flower and Practices

What makes this strain especially beneficial is its status as a legitimate craft hemp flower. The craft hemp movement focuses on carefully producing small batches high-quality flower. Through organic farming practices, hand cultivation, and a close eye on genetics, craft hemp producers cultivate plants that are safe to smoke and eat without fear of unwanted metals or toxins.

Unlike industrial hemp practices, which seek to maximize plant production, craft hemp focuses on the quality of each plant. Instead of harvesting every plant that’s grown, craft growers hand select each bud, ensuring that plants with mold or disease are discarded and not added to the final product.

To quality as craft hemp, growers must follow strict organic farming practices. That means feeding plants a diet consisting of 100% organic plant food, keeping far away from any pesticides that aren’t 100% organic, and using only the highest quality soil.

Before each Monkey Brains batch is collected, it is grown to full maturity in a light-assisted greenhouse. Once the plants are ready for harvest, expert breeders hand select each flower, then slow cure them over 12-14 days to ensure the best possible product reaches consumers.

The result is premium hemp flower that is not only primed for human consumption, but also benefits the future of the industry. Craft growers focus on using the very best genetic specimens, which make great options for new breeding strains.

The careful eye for detail ensures that your Monkey Brains flower will not only deliver maximum effects, it will do so without any harmful chemicals. This ensure that the product is safe and effective.


Alpen Gleaux Exotic CBD Flower

You Have to Try Alpen Gleaux Exotic Hemp Flower

Alpen Gleaux is an Indica-dominant CBD flower strain that is truly unique. Created by High Alpine Genetics, this strain is an autoflower cultivar. Autoflowers generally have a shorter growing cycle and produce small, compact buds. Alpen Gleaux, however, creates fluffy, large buds that are sticky and resinous.

Buds Have Beautiful One-of-a-Kind Appearance

What makes this strain genuinely original is the dark purple color of the buds. The dark shade makes the orange hairs pop and creates a beautiful, one-of-a-kind appearance. The purple weed color is due to a high presence of anthocyanins, which are the same water-soluble pigments found in other plants, including blueberries.

Scent of Alpen Gleaux Exotic CBD Hemp Flower

The scent of these flowers is perfumed with notes of pine, cedar, and candy. The smoke has a smooth burn with a piney, citrus flavor. The dominant terpenes are 2 of the lesser common ones, caryophyllene and guaiol. These lend a floral note that makes this strain a soothing delight.

Users report that this strain has a slow onset that grows into a delicious sensation. This strain is perfect for unwinding after a long day. If you want to have a chill afternoon to enjoy your activities to the fullest, give Alpen Gleaux a try.

This exotic CBD flower is cultivated using organic growing practices to ensure optimal potency. The Alpen Gleaux hemp flower is carefully produced in light-assisted greenhouses to maximize growing time.

Once the buds are harvested, they are slow-cured to perfection for 12-14 days. The curing process ensures they don’t dry out or develop mildew. The curing process also is key in producing a smooth, enjoyable smoke.

Origin of the Strain

Grown and originally cultivated by the fine folks at High Alpine Genetics, who passionately produce high CBD hemp. They have succeeded at creating a CBD cultivar that is one of the highest producing hemp plants today.

How to Tell CBD Flower from Weed

High-quality, well-grown hemp flowers are virtually indistinguishable from cannabis flowers. What most people don’t realize is that hemp and cannabis are the very same plant. The federal government regulates that a plant that produces over .3% THC is designated as “cannabis.”

However, the very same plant could produce less than .3% THC and would then be defined as “hemp.” The skills of hemp and cannabis growers have allowed for many popular cannabis strains to be grown as hemp. The plants have the same parent strains, flavor profile, and terpenes, but they do not produce THC.

Cannabis and hemp plants naturally produce different cannabinoids. While both plants can produce many of the same ones, hemp plants have higher CBD levels (and almost no THC). Full-spectrum CBD flowers and products smell and taste just like cannabis, with the same “skunky,” herbaceous flavor. With superior quality hemp flowers, the buds will look, taste, and smoke just like cannabis.

How much THC is in CBD flower?

CBD flowers naturally create less than .3% THC. There is not enough THC in hemp flowers to produce a psychotropic effect. Hemp-based products are legal for sale across America since the 2018 Farm Bill, which legalized hemp for commercial production.

While it does not contain significant THC levels, hemp strains contain many other beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes. The most notable is CBD, which is heralded as a beneficial and therapeutic cannabinoid for various health concerns.

Hemp flowers also contain low levels of THCA, which is the acid-version of THC (also called Delta-9 THC). THCA is the precursor to THC. THCA converts to THC when exposed to heat (such as when smoking). You can buy THCA flower here.

This version of THC is not included in the .3% rule.

How to Smoke CBD Flower

You can enjoy CBD hemp flowers in a variety of ways. Alpen Gleaux can be consumed just like any other smokable herb. If you enjoy smoking joints or splits, break up or grind these sticky, resinous buds for a smooth smoke.

Some users like to blend cannabis and hemp flowers. In combination, you can achieve the “Entourage Effect,” which states that cannabinoids have greater potency when tased together.

The Entourage Effect shows that our bodies receive more significant benefits from cannabinoids when taken in combination. Simply put, you receive higher benefits by combining CBD, THC, and other cannabinoids.

Add hemp flowers to your favorite smoking blends or enjoy them on their own. You’ll love the smooth burn and the delicious, aromatic flavor of Alpen Gleaux. These potent herbs are tasty and relaxing.

Where to Buy Alpen Gleaux CBD Flower

Alpen Gleaux is a unique CBD flower that we are delighted to offer to our customers. We source all of our hemp flowers from 17 different farms. All of the farms we source from utilize organic farming practices and provide 3rd party testing to ensure the highest quality. This also means you can trust our products for accurate potency, which is essential for dosing.

You can have Alpen Gleaux shipped straight to your door by purchasing on our website Peruse our extensive online inventory to see the Alpen Gleaux and other high-quality CBD hemp flowers. You can purchase our hemp flowers in different quantities to find just what you’re looking for.

If you are local to the Kansas City, Missouri area, please visit us at our shop. You can visit The Hemp Haus to see in person the wide variety of products we offer. You can find CBD flowers, extracts, edibles, and vape cartridges to suit every lifestyle and interest. We are dedicated to updating our stock with the latest offerings and innovations in the CBD industry.


Kush Mints CBD Flower

With its minty flavor and uplifting smell, Kush Mints CBD flower has attracted a cult-like following among cannabis enthusiasts. As an evenly balanced hybrid strain, Kush Mints smokable hemp is the best of both worlds.

The dense, tapered CBD buds that make up Kush Mints are pale green in color and shot-through with orange hairs and white trichomes. The flower itself has a sweet, piney aroma with a subtle hint of fresh mint leaves. The smoke tastes sweet and delicious, with slight notes of coffee and earthiness underneath a robust mint flavor.

Kush Mints CBD flower is a cross between the indica Bubba Kush and the sativa Animal Mints. It’s an organic hemp flower that was first grown in Southern California and quickly rose to popularity for its quick-acting and long-lasting effects, especially its ability to be upbeat.

Because of its energizing properties, this top shelf CBD flower is a great morning, midday, or evening smoke. Many users find the Kush Mints strain to be the perfect way to start the morning or as an after-lunch wake up.

However, while it’s a great strain to use with friends or before a social event, it’s best avoided just before bedtime. The mind-enlivening effects can make it more difficult to get to sleep. We also have Kush Mints Delta 8 Flower that can be purchased.

What is CBD Flower?

At its most basic, CBD flower is dried and cured hemp flower that has a natural abundance of the cannabinoid CBD.

CBD flowers can be smoked or mixed into a carrier, such as butter or oil, and ingested.

The best CBD flower is made from high-CBD strains. The more CBD in a particular strain, the greater its potency. However, each CBD strain will affect users in slightly different ways.

For example, this Kush Mints strain is a high-quality organic CBD flower that has energizing and mood-boosting properties. Other CBD strains cause a winding down or sedative effects in users. So, even though all CBD the choice of effects should dictate how you buy CBD flower.

 Kush Mint Terpene Profile Includes:

How to tell CBD Flower from Weed

CBD and weed both come from cannabis plants. But while weed comes from the marijuana plant, CBD flower is made from hemp plants. By definition, hemp plants are cannabis varieties that contain less than 0.3% THC.

While there are subtle visual differences between the two plants, even trained eyes have a hard time differentiating weed buds from the best hemp flower. So, instead of trying to read up on the very tiny differences in leaf shape and plant structure between the two, a better way to tell the difference is to carefully read the packaging information before you buy any cannabis product.

CBD flower is legal every in the United States thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, which legalized hemp on a federal level. The same isn’t true for weed, which is only legal in some states. So, if you don’t live in a state that has legalized recreational marijuana, it’s unlikely that you’ll accidentally stumble upon weed thinking that it’s smokeable CBD flower.

Reading product labeling or online descriptions is the best way to understand the differences in CBD flower effects for each strain.

If it’s not clear, the similarities between CBD flower and weed are greater than their differences. But that doesn’t mean there are very important distinctions. Can you smoke hemp? Absolutely. Does it affect you? Yes. Does CBD flower get you high? Not at all.

How much THC is in CBD Flower?

All cannabis and hemp plants produce some amount of THC. However, the hemp flower sale in the U.S. is carefully bred to yield less than 0.3% THC, as required by federal law.

 Smoking hemp buds, even high CBD strains, will not get produce a high. Not only is the THC content too low to create the psychoactive effects that constitute a high, but the high presence of CBD also ensures a high cannot occur. CBD acts as a natural counterbalance to the psychotropic effects of THC, blocking any high from happening before it can start.

The lack of THC is what makes CBD hemp flower legal in the United States. Before it can be sold, CBD hemp is tested to ensure that its chemical makeup contains less than 0.3% THC, in order to

Where to Buy CBD Flower

For those wondering, “Where can I buy CBD flower near me?” there’s good news. Those in the Kansas City, Mo., area can shop in-person at The Hemp Haus, 1708 W. 39th St. to see a wide collection of products from the best CBD flower companies.

You can also buy CBD flower online from CBD is 100% legal in the United States and be mailed to any state in the country. So, users who think “There is no CBD hemp flower near me” still have access to best CBD strains on the market today.

While CBD has been legal for a while now, not all CBD products are created equal. Buying CBD products from gas stations can be a gamble. The best way to ensure that you’re buying high-quality CBD is to check the label. Trusted manufacturers pay for third-party testing that ensures their CBD hemp flower contains the exact amounts of CBD and THC advertised on the package.


Buy Sour Diesel CBD Flower

CBD Flower

Indoor Grown Hemp Flower

The uplifting and motivating CBD hemp effects of Sour Diesel can pull you out of a down day and shift you into creative, productive gear. Initially, you might think Sour Diesel CBD nugs are a bit underwhelming. But we lovingly think of these tight, mild-mannered green nugs as the Clark Kent to the hero you’re going to experience once you smell, taste, and feel the effects of this amazing CBD hemp flower. It’s true, this strange and dynamic CBD dry herb is not for everyone. But connoisseurs think of it as essential, and it all begins with it’s oddly compelling aroma. Imagine a skunkiness punctuated with gas and sour citrus. It’s this peculiar and arresting combo of characteristics that inspired the name and continues through the flavor. The taste is pungent, funky, and tangy with bursts of gasoline, leaving sweet and sour citrus on your palate.  

Sativa-Dominant Strain Flower

Sour Diesel CBD is a Sativa-dominant strain that is well-loved. A hybrid of Chemdawg 91 and Super Skunk, this popular CBD flower is a go-to.  If you want to relax and access your creative side, this is the strain for you.

20% CBD and CBG Equals High Potency

The dense green buds release a skunky, sour, and tangy aroma when broken up. When smoked, the kerosine flavor is released with a taste of sour citrus. The CBD flower buds are coated with beneficial trichomes and interlaced with bright orange pistils. At 20% CBD and CBG, this strain has a high potency that is both pungent and delicious.

Organic CBD Flower

Farmers cultivate Sour Diesel with organic growing practices. Utilizing light-assisted greenhouses ensures the maximum growing potential for the hemp plants. Once the buds are ready for harvest, they are slow-cured for 12-14 days to ensure freshness and superior smoking quality. The buds are carefully hand-trimmed and ready to smoke or process into other products.

The finished product is a skunky, sour, and highly potent CBD bud. Smoking Sour Diesel provides  an alert, attentive mind state that makes it great for daytime use.

Sour Diesel Hemp Flower Effects 

If you have a low-tolerance to cannabis in general, or if you’re new to hemp flower, you should be aware that Sour Diesel brings some high-powered sativa effectsIf you’re set on being productive and creativethis hemp CBD may be the hero strain you’ve been waiting for

From the fertile soil of the Emerald Triangle in northern California and Oregon to the greenhouses in the Nevada mountains to you — Stardust Hemp sources only the finest legal hemp flower, whether for our raw hemp buds or our outstanding hemp flower prerolls that have received rave reviews.

Origin of Sour Diesel Strain

The Sour Diesel originated in New York City in the 1990s. Many other strains followed that tried to imitate the famous flower, but the original strain maintains its reputation as potent, skunky, and stress-melting. The smell of Sour Diesel is notoriously powerful, so be careful if discretion is necessary for the state where you live.

How to tell Legal Hemp flower from Illegal Cannabis Buds

If the flower buds are high quality, a CBD flower should be indistinguishable from a cannabis flower by appearance and scent. A common misconception is that hemp and cannabis are different plants entirely. They are actually both classified as cannabis Sativa. That’s right: hemp and cannabis are the same plants!

The Big Difference

Here is a big difference: if the plant produces buds that contain over .3% THC, they become classified as cannabis. If the plant produces less than .3% THC, they are hemp. Hemp and cannabis plants also have different levels of cannabinoids (for example, cannabis is THC-dominant and hemp is CBD-dominant).

If they are properly grown, Hemp CBD flowers will smell and taste like cannabis. Growers who utilize the best possible growing conditions and cultivation methods produce superior quality hemp flowers. The Sour Diesel CBD found in our shop, The Hemp Haus, is indistinguishable from Sour Diesel cannabis based on smell, appearance, and taste. It does not, however, contain levels of THC over .3%.

How much THC can be in Legal Hemp Flower?

There is less than .3% Delta 9 THC (the THC found in cannabis) present in CBD flowers. .3% is the legal limit imposed by the Federal Government, which defines hemp plants as having less than .3% naturally occurring THC.

There are other cannabinoids present in hemp flowers, such as THCA, which is the precursor to THC. THCA converts to THC when exposed to heat (such as when smoking). THCA is not included in the .3% rule.

How to Smoke Hemp Flower

CBD flowers can be consumed just like any other smokable herb. If you prefer smoking joints, the flowers can be broken up and added to an herbal smoking blend or enjoyed on their own. You can smoke hemp buds in a pipe or bong if you prefer glass.

Many users also enjoy mixing CBD buds with cannabis. When you combine the two, you achieve “The Entourage Effect.” By combining multiple cannabinoid sources, your body can better access the beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes.

The Entourage Effect suggests that ingesting multiple cannabinoids together is more impactful on our Endocannabinoid system than taking an isolate alone. Simply put, you receive higher benefits by combining CBD, THC, and other cannabinoids.

For folks who experience anxiety when ingesting cannabis, sprinkling hemp buds overtop your cannabis can help mitigate some unwanted side effects. CBD and THC work well in tandem, providing you the maximum benefit of both. CBD can help relieve anxiety while also preventing the “munchies” and the sense of deep sedation that can sometimes accompany a cannabis high.

Try Our Pre Rolls — Available in CBD and CBG Strains Now! 

We make them with the same high-quality, hand-trimmed flower (no biomass, no trim, no shake).

Sour Diesel Terpene Profile Includes:

Pinene Myrcene
Ocimene Camphene
Humulene Limonene
Linalool Bisabolol
Terpinolene Phellandrene
Caryophyllene Carene

Stardust Company Overview

At Stardust Hemp, we know that quality starts at the source and ends with an experienced, knowledgeable staff that would never dream of offering their customers a product they would not have in their personal stash. We have no middlemen here. We visit farms and talk with cultivators, and we hand select the flower that ends up on our shelves. Only high-quality, hand-trimmed hemp flower will pass here—no biomass, no broad leaf—just the preservation of densely packed, ripe trichomes. We achieve this by continuously sourcing from 17 different farms that have organic farming practices. Our cultivators can be found anywhere from the Emerald Triangle to the Nevada mountains. We source from experts at indoor, greenhouse, and outdoor cultivation. Because we don’t use a middleman, we can offer lower prices for a grade A product. Up-to-date COAs are always on hand in our clean, climate-controlled facility.


It’s a personal choice how much of a hemp CBD flower a person consumes. Hemp product effects will vary from individual to individual. Raw flower is smokeable or can be vaped. You can also use it to make edibles. In each instance, the time to onset and duration of effects are different. When inhaling CBD herb, the effects are immediate and might last from 30 minutes to 2 hours. When consuming edibles, it could take up to 2 hours to feel effects, but will last for hours longer. Our go-to motto is “Start low and go slow,” until you know your speed. 

If you want to discuss CBD flower, or any other hemp product, for your specific needs, reach out anytime. Our staff is highly educated in hemp and is here to support you so you can find the product that is right for you. 

Where to Buy CBD Flower?

Sour Diesel is a classic strain that has not waned in popularity since it was introduced in the 1990s. The Sour Diesel CBD flowers include the best qualities of the original strain with added benefits of CBD.

Thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp is legal to produce and sell in the USA. Our hemp products are sourced from 17 different farms, all with organic farming practices. We also require 3rd party testing to ensure that our products are of the highest quality and display accurate cannabinoid concentrations.

You can visit us online to peruse our diverse inventory of CBD and Delta 8 products. We strive to continually source the most exciting and innovative products available on the market. Make a purchase at our website at

For folks local to Kansas City, Missouri, please stop by our shop. We have a fully-stocked inventory of products and friendly, knowledgeable staff on hand to help you. Bring your questions and curiosity! We are happy to make sure that you find what you need and that you’re satisfied with the products you choose.


John Snow CBG

A high-CBG hybrid with an uplifting backstory

John Snow CBG is a cross of two strains known for uplifting focus and creativity. In this flower Jack the Ripper and Philly Sour Diesel conspire to bring you around 20% of the literal mother of all cannabinoids — CBG. Get ready to enjoy a focused, productive, creative day.

Eye Appeal

These nugs are so nice to gawk at. They look like big frosty pillows of green heaven. Trichomes galore give this strain its name, while ginger trichomes feather throughout the soft green buds.


Man up, because John Snow will kick you in the nose with a pungent, spicy diesel-like smell, but then kiss it better with some citrusy sweet and earthy undertones. That’s the Sour Diesel influence followed by, oddly enough, Jack the Ripper’s characteristics.


This hopped-up CBG does not disappoint in the flavor department, where you are sure to sample its genetic backstory. Sparking up brings a petrol-haunted, slightly sour inhale that leaves your palate basted in earthy tones with hints of lemon and berry.

People only have good things to say about John Snow — now that’s a hemp flower you want in your life.


Suver Haze CBD Flower

As one of the highest CBD strains available, Suver Haze delivers powerful effects that relax the body while energizing the mind. It’s a balanced, sativa-dominant hybrid that produces indica-like effects.  It’s a great daytime CBD strain that helps to sharpen focus.

 About Energizing Haze Strains

Like all Haze strains, Suver Haze CBD is potent, energizing, and aromatic. The buds themselves are a deep mint green color covered with orange pistils and white trichomes. The dense, mid-sized nugs have a moist, not overly sticky feeling and deliver a strong smell of fruit, lemongrass, and soil. Each batch of Suver Haze is grown using organic farming practices in light assisted greenhouses, then slow-cured to perfection over 12-14 days. The finished product is one of the best CBD flower products on the market today.

 Taste of Suver Haze

Suver Haze’s taste is a complex mixture of black pepper and sour green apple, thanks to its terpene-heavy profile. Most abundant among those are β-caryophyllene, which is also found in hops, rosemary, and cloves. It provides the pepper-like aftertaste that comes through after the exhale. The terpene β-Myrcene adds to the haze strain’s sedative and muscle relaxing powers while piping in notes of sweet fruit, which delivers an almost lemony taste upon inhalation. The other abundant terpene is Farnesene, which is more commonly found in the skin of green apples like the Granny Smith variety, not only adds to the fruity aroma, it also functions as an organic insect repellent, helping the plant to flourish without pesticides.

 Top Level Strain of CBD Percentage

Suver Haze contains 17-24% CBD, placing it among the upper reaches of high CBD strains. It’s also chocked full of important phytocannabinoids that account for nearly 23-28% of the plant. The strain itself is made from 100% hemp flower and contains less than 0.3% THC, as required by law.

The Suver Haze strain has continuously racked up honors since it first burst onto the scene in 2019, when it took first place at the 2019 Cultivation Classic and the Weedcon Buyers Cup. The next year, it took the top prize at the 2020 Cultivation Classic again, making a rare back-to-back win and cementing its status as one of the very best CBD strains on the market today.


Suver Haze CBD Flower Effects

Suver Haze is full of unique terpenes like β-Myrcene, farnesene, and β-Caryophyllene that contribute to its CBD hemp flower effects.. And because it is hemp CBD flower, it won’t make you sleepy or heavy in the body. From the fertile soil of the Emerald Triangle in northern California and Oregon to the greenhouses in the Nevada mountains to you —  at Stardust Hemp we only source the finest CBD hemp flower, whether for our raw hemp buds or our outstanding hemp flower pre-rolls that continue to pile up the rave reviews.

Origin of Suver Haze CBD Flower and the Breeders

Created in Oregon by multi-award winning cultivators the Crawford brothers, Suver Haze takes its name from a piece of CBD history. The sibling’s first research and development facility was located on Suver Road, in the heart of Oregon’s crop country, where the rich soil and wet weather patterns create an ideal environment for cultivating grasses and herbs. It was from this oasis that Suver Haze first sprouted.


The Crawford brothers didn’t set out to make one of the highest CBD strains in existence when they first pollinated 40 female Special Sauce plants with a male Neville Haze varietal. But as the offspring of those strains flowered into mature plants, the Crawfords realized something odd. Only 1 out of all 72 plants had matured into a Type III hemp plant (the classification given to strains with high levels of CBD and very low levels of THC). Usually, 25% of cross-pollinated offspring become Type III plants. To have only 1 meant something was off. The Crawfords knew instantly that their lone Type III had to be special — and they were right. The plant grew to an astonishing size and had a unique and beneficial terpene profile. They named the strain Suver # 8.


Suver #8 had a mighty aroma but wasn’t robust enough for mass market planting. While it flourished indoors, it wasn’t hardy enough to survive the elements. To strengthen its reslience, the Crawfords bred Suver #8 with a strain called Early Resin Berry (ERB), which is also the father of CBD strains such as Elektra, Sour Space Candy, and Lifter. The result was the Suver Haze varietal. The combination of Suver #8’s terpenes and aromas and ERB’s robust constitution and sweeter fruit flavors resulted in a super plant. The Suver Haze CBD strain excels in wet climates and has a natural resistance to the fungal disease botrytis. It’s also one of the most potent CBD strains every cultivated and has quickly earned a reputation for its creativity-unlocking effects.


How to Tell CBD Flower from Weed

 While many organizations (including the U.S. government) make distinctions between weed and CBD flower, the reality is that both hemp and marijuana are the same plant — cannabis sativa. The only differences between what we call hemp and marijuana are the amount and concentration of cannabinoids they grow, and how we use them. It’s similar to the difference between a violin and a fiddle. They’re the same instrument, but violins tend to produce classical music while fiddles tend to produce country, western, and bluegrass music.

Distinguishing the Difference

Hemp farmers may be able to spot the difference between hemp grown for fiber and marijuana grown to consume. But even the most educated consumers can’t distinguish between high-grade CBD flower and weed. The CBD bud sold in shops like The Hemp Haus has the same kind of crystals and hairs that cover marijuana buds. To even the most trained eye, both products look the same. The differences in bud density, trichome presence, and colored pistils can vary from strain to strain, but there’s no structural difference between high-end weed and the best CBD flower.

 Is there a Difference in Smell?

What about smell? There again, there’s no noticeable difference between how hemp plans and weed plants smell. Even when they’re smoked or burned, the plants give off similar aromas. The differences in scent arise from varying levels of terpenes within the plant, not from any real difference between the concentrations of THC and CBD. It’s likely that a season consumer could differentiate between specific strains of cannabis, but there’s not sure-fire way to judge the THC profile of a plant with your nose.

The only true difference between hemp bud and weed comes from their chemical makeup. What we typically think of as marijuana plants contain higher levels of Delta 9 THC, the psychotropic molecule responsible for getting users high. Typically, cannabis sativa plants classified as marijuana contain between 5% and 35% THC. Hemp plants, on the other hand, are low in THC (and cannot be sold unless they contain less than 0.3%). Instead, they have a greater concentration of the cannabinoid CBD, which is responsible for the calming effects in weed.

How Much THC is Really in CBD Flower?

By federal law, there cannot be over 0.3% THC present in hemp products, but that’s misleading. First, farmers regularly grow hemp plants that exceed that amount of THC. These are called “hot” crops and must be destroyed. But the 0.3% THC in hemp flower is also misleading in another way. To understand why, it helps to know a little bit about a compound called THCA.

 What is THCA (tetrahydrocannabinolic acid)?

THCA, a cannabinoid acid present in both hemp and marijuana flowers, is non-psychotropic molecule that naturally occurs in the cannabis sativa plant. THCA is found is substantial quantities at the beginning phases of the plant’s life, but as the plant is cut, dried, and cured, the THCA gradually converts into the psychoactive molecule Delta 9 THC. The conversion can be expedited, however, by raising the temperature of the plant. That’s why smoking weed gets people high. The high temperature converts some of the THCA into regular THC. It’s also why, when making edibles, weed must first be heated in an oven. This process is called decarboxylation.


In order to get an accurate measure of the THC content in hemp, scientists must measure both the Delta 9 THC content and the THCA which will convert into THC when heated. Unfortunately, there’s no way to accurately tell exactly how much THCA will become THC. One reason why is that the amount of THC produced will vary on how the buds are treated. If they’re smoked, less THCA will become THC than if the buds are placed in an oven and heated to 220 degree.

What’s worse, the patchwork of poorly written and understood federal and state laws governing how to accurately measure THC in hemp is a total mess. Even elite lawyers are confused about them. But the bottom line is that, right now, the hemp you buy probably has more THC in it than you think. The amount of THCA that will convert to Delta 9 THC is not accounted for.

It’s important to keep that in mind when buying hemp flower CBD. Be sure to check labels for how much THCA is present in any strain in order to get a better understanding of how much THCA the hemp plant actually delivers. It’s also important to note that the 0.3% rule isn’t based on good science. There is a lot of evidence to suggest that any product with less than 1% THC won’t produce psychotropic effects. So even if there’s more THC than you think in a hemp strain, it’s usually not enough to cause psychoactive effects — and certainly not enough to get you high.

How to Vape Smoke CBD Flower

CBD hemp flower provides a wide range of benefits. Suver Haze CBD can be smoked, vaped, or baked into edibles. Each way of consuming Suver Haze creates slightly different effects. Some consumers even like to mix a little bit of THC flower in with CBD flower to get extra benefits.

Each way to consume CBD changes the how quickly effects will be felt and how long they last. Smoking CBD flower in a joint, pipe, or bong delivers the most-immediate effects. As soon as the exhale begins, effects are already beginning. When heated and inhaled, CBD flower produces effects that last roughly 30 minutes to two hours.

Suver Haze CBD flower can also be baked into edibles, as long as the CBD is first decarboxylated by putting it in the oven. When ingested, Suver Haze’s effects emerge more slowly but last much longer. Importantly, effects may not begin for two hours and can keep going up to five or six hours. So, while ingesting CBD hemp flower delivers longer-lasting effects, dosing it is more difficult. The best advice when using a new CBD strain for the first time is to start with a low amount and adjust as needed. When consuming CBD edibles this may mean waiting several hours until you are sure the effects have peaked. Although CBD flower has very little THC, it’s still possible to overdo it. The effects, however, are usually very mild and may include sleeping and lethargy.

Research suggests that CBD is more effective when consumed alongside THC. Together, both ingredients can deliver more beneficial effects than either can separately. And, because CBD reduces the psychoactive effects of THC, it’s unlikely to cause the paranoia that can stem from Delta 9 THC. Many users report that mixing a small bit of THC flower in with CBD flower results in a more well-rounded and beneficial experience.

Where to Buy Suver Haze CBD Flower

The Suver Haze strain is available from The Hemp Haus in Kansas City, Mo. But for those who live away the area and are wondering where to find premium CBD flower near me, visit the Hemp Haus online to browse from the best CBD flower available.

The Hemp Haus ensures that every product it sells is third-party tested to ensure that it meets federal and state regulations. If you’re looking for the highest quality products made by the best CBD flower companies, The Hemp Haus stocks only the finest strains available on the market today.

ZKZ CBD Flower

These big, beautiful buds have big, beautiful flavor and pack a rainbow of blissful effects. If you’re after the calm confidence of a high-CBD hemp strain with candy terps for days, this might be your stop.These CBG hemp flower nugs are proper chunky — thick and glazed with flavor-emitting trichomes. Splashes of burnt-orange add a candy-color effect to the gorgeous gamut of greens. And they have a pleasing density-to-give ratio. ZKZ aroma is a sweet bouquet bursting with berry, tropical, citrus, and fresh herbal notes. When you inhale this rainbow, you’ll get a deliciously fruity hit of grape, tropical, and berry. This, of course, is owing to its predominantly Caryophyllene, Humulene, and Linalool terpene profile (nature’s recipe for candy — yum!).

ZKZ CBD Effects

Only with hemp flower can you get high-CBD, little-to-no THC, and all the pleasure that cannabis has to offer the senses. Why not enjoy the smell and taste of candy while treating yourself to uplifting effects? Why not sprinkle in some fruit flavor with your full body relaxation at the end of the day? Zkittles hemp flower benefits are a sweet blend of calming, focusing, alerting, and happy-making that is great for a clear-headed day or a relaxing night. So, go ahead, treat yourself. From the fertile soil of the Emerald Triangle in northern California and Oregon to the greenhouses in the Nevada mountains to you —  at Stardust Hemp we only source the finest CBD hemp flower, whether for our raw hemp buds or our outstanding hemp flower prerolls that continue to pile up the rave reviews.

Try Our Prerolls — Available in CBD and CBG Strains Now! 

We make them with the same high-quality, hand-trimmed flower (no biomass, no trim, no shake).

Stardust Hemp Company Overview

At Stardust Hemp, we know that quality starts at the source and ends with an experienced, knowledgeable staff that would never dream of offering their customers a product they would not have in their personal stash. We have no middlemen here. We visit farms and talk with cultivators, and we hand select the flower that ends up on our shelves. Only high-quality, hand-trimmed hemp flower will pass here—no biomass, no broad leaf—just the preservation of densely packed, ripe trichomes. We achieve this by continuously sourcing from 17 different farms that have organic farming practices. Our cultivators can be found anywhere from the Emerald Triangle to the Nevada mountains. We source from experts at indoor, greenhouse, and outdoor cultivation. Because we don’t use a middleman, we can offer lower prices for a grade A product. Up-to-date COAs are always on hand in our clean, climate-controlled facility.

Zkittlez Terpene Profile Includes:

 Carene Pinene
Myrcene Humulene
Limonene Linalool
Valencene Terpinolene


Indica-Dominant GMO Cookies Strain CBD Flower

Don’t let this name fool you. GMO is a 100% organic indica-dominant hybrid strain that packs a strong smell and even stronger effects.

In some circles, this strain goes by the name Garlic Cookies, due to its strong aroma and savory taste. Just opening the packaging of GMO will release a pungent aroma that combines the familiar weed skunk with notes of coffee. It’s so powerful, it’s been known to fill rooms. When GMO flower is lit, the smell is even stronger.

When inhaled, the GMO bud unleashes a garlic flavor with a slightly sweet undercurrent. Upon exhaling, notes of pepper appear in the mouth. After the peppery flavors finish, the savory garlic flavor rebounds and lasts in the mouth well after the smoke is blown out.

But, while the smell and taste are of GMO are unique, what really sets it apart from other strains is what can do to users. As soon as it hit shelves, GMO became a go-to option for fans of heavy indicas, who seek out the deeply tranquil feelings it inspires.

People who want help going to sleep can benefit from the chilled-out sensations this herb inspires. Just a few moments after inhaling, the cannabinoids start hitting, causing pleasantly relaxed feelings that gradually grow stronger as time goes by.

This CBD flower can also help with physical sensations of discomfort through the gentle feelings it creates. It’s a perfect nighttime strain, well suited for anyone who wants a little help nodding off.

The flower itself produces large buds that are thickly packed. The nugs turn a vibrant green color when they reach maturity and grow orange pistil hairs on their outermost layers. A closer inspection will reveal that small crystal trichomes coat the buds, but remain hidden due to their tiny size and dark brown coloring.

The GMO strain boasts a traditional tapered bud structure, even though most of its nugs will only reach a medium size.

GMO is a hybrid strain, but only technically. Its genetic makeup is 90% indica, which helps explain why its most powerful effects are sedative and soothing.

Many people are surprised that discover that GMO, with its savory taste and Italian-dinner aroma, is a direct descendant of the Girl Scout Cookies strain. GSC has a sugary sweet flavoring and a dessert-like smell, but the genetic resemblance is clearer in the relaxing effects they create.

GMO’s other parent is the potent hybrid strain Chem Dawg. The Chemdawg parentage not only provides the pungent aspect of GMO’s unique flavor profile, it’s also where GMO gets its potency. Chemdawg has been known as an intensely powerful strain, a trait that is has been passed down to GMO.

Although it boasts a famous family, GMO is more than the sum of its parts. It has surpassed its parentage when it comes to inspiring relaxing feelings and get-ready-for-bed vibes. The chilled-out and blissful feelings it inspires in users are 100% its own creation.

Garlic Cookies Terpene Profile Includes:

Carene Humulene
Limonene Bisabolol
Eucalyptol Phellandrene

The Best CBD Flower

We take pride in providing the best CBD flower to customer, and that means sourcing our products from growers who follow the highest standards of care.

Each batch of GMO flower we sell has been raised exclusively with organic farming practices. The plants are grown inside, in light-assisted greenhouses, and fed a steady diet of 100% organic food.

Each plant is grown to full maturity and hand-trimmed by expert cultivators to ensure they develop to the best of their ability.

Once the plants are fully grown, they are individually selected for the final product. Only the best flowers make the cut. The chosen few are slow cured over 12-14 days before being tested for accuracy in labeling and packaged for consumption.

The end result is a safe, highly potent, and healthy flower that produces the best effects possible while helping grow houses maintain sustainable hemp production.


CBD Hemp Flower 

Pineapple Haze CBD Flower

This tropical sweet sativa offers CBD hemp effects that can both relax and motivate while addressing daytime pain. These yellow-green CBD nugs, peppered with rust-colored coils, feel as irresistible as a piece of ripe fruit between your fingers. The buds are even shaped and scalloped like little pineapples. Pineapple Haze CBD dry herb will blow a sweet and tropical breeze into your life, with bonus side notes of earth and funk. And the flavor reinforces the name. The inhale is smooth and will reward your tongue with a burst of pineapple. Just as smoothly, the exhale leaves you with a tart candy taste and finishes with a floral flourish.  

From the fertile soil of the Emerald Triangle in northern California and Oregon to the greenhouses in the Nevada mountains to you —  at Stardust Hemp we only source the finest CBD hemp flower, whether for our raw hemp buds or our outstanding hemp flower prerolls that continue to pile up the rave reviews.

Pineapple Haze Terpene Profile Includes:

Pinene Myrcene
Ocimene Humulene
Limonene Linalool
Terpinolene Caryophyllene

Exotic CBD Flower

Joe Exotic Strain is a CBD Hybrid with an Uplifting Backstory

Joe Exotic CBD is a cross of two strains known for uplifting focus and creativity. In this flower Bubba Kush and Suver Haze conspire to bring you around 16% of CBD with a terpene profile that will ignite your sense of smell to the highest level. Get ready to seize the day!

Exotic Flower Eye Appeal

These nugs are so nice to gawk at. They look like identical in shape to the Bubba Kush with the lime green tint and orange tiger stripe hairs found in Suver Haze. Trichomes galore give this strain its name, while ginger trichomes feather throughout the soft green buds.

Smell the Aroma

Man up, because Joe Exotic will kick you in the nose with a pungent, spicy skunk smell, but then kiss it better with some citrusy sweet and earthy undertones found in Suver Haze.



Special Sauce CBD Flower

This high-CBD strain is loaded with hemp benefits, thanks to cannabinoids like CBCA, CBG, and CBGA, and a rich terpene profile. You’re going to get the full spectrum of benefits and experience from this raw hemp flower CBD. Although they’re small, these CBD nugs have much to offer. Their Yoda-green color, along with autumn hues, suggest this is one CBD hemp bud you don’t judge by its flower. To the touch, these buds are dense with a little spring to them … a testament to the power lurking within. Special Sauce CBD dry herb has a unique bouquet. An overall hoppy nose introduces berries and vanilla, finishing with a hint of musk. The smoke flourishes with a sweet and floral flavor. Aroma and taste pair nicely, making this hemp CBD flower a truly special sensory experience.

Special Sauce CBD Effects

Special Sauce continues to deliver with its CBD hemp flower effects. It’s great for solitary pursuits or social gatherings, as it inspires creativity and engaging conversation.  From the fertile soil of the Emerald Triangle in northern California and Oregon to the greenhouses in the Nevada mountains to you —  at Stardust Hemp we only source the finest CBD hemp flower, whether for our raw hemp buds or our outstanding hemp flower prerolls that continue to pile up the rave reviews.

Special Sauce Terpene Profile Includes:

Carene Myrcene
Limonene Terpinolene

CBD Hemp Flower 

Bubba Kush E1 

What do you get when you combine the power of the original Bubba Kush cannabis strain with the reduced potency of E1 hemp? A CBD hemp flower that looks, smells, and tastes like the original. But without the intoxicating effects of THC. Take these dense, medium-sized CBD nugs and feel their trichome stickiness between your fingers. Then rotate these hemp flower buds in the light for flash of every shade or green rioting with rust-colored hairs and glistening resin. They simply dazzle! The strong, sweet smell of fruit will rise up first, dragging notes of earth, spice, and wood along with it. This CBD dry herb is going to deliver that distinctive Kush flavor, that starts with a creamy, chocolate-y coffee palate and a hint of sour candy, and settles into an experience that’s a little dank, a little sweet, a little woodsy. We also have Bubba Kush Delta 8.

Terpenes that Give Bubba Kush it’s Flavor

The following are the terpenes that are included in BK strain:

  • Pinene
  • Myrcene
  • Ocimene
  • Camphene
  • Humulene
  • Limonene
  • Linalool
  • Terpinolene
  • Phellandrene
  • Caryophyllene


From the fertile soil of the Emerald Triangle in northern California and Oregon to the greenhouses in the Nevada mountains to you — at Stardust Hemp we only source the finest hemp flower for our raw hemp buds and our outstanding hemp flower pre-rolls.

Cookies CBD Flower

If Cookies CBD Flower had a motto, it would be a line borrowed from Frank Costanza: “Serenity Now!”

This indica-dominant strain has been impressing consumers with its calming powers since it was first introduced in 2010. Its mellowing effects and sweet taste have made it an unchanging cornerstone of the constantly changing CBD market.

The strain is named not just for its taste, but also for the feelings it inspires. One toke floods the mind with good vibes, just like sampling homemade cookies straight from the oven. But unlike real cookies, the happy feelings this CBD strain inspires can do wonders for physical and mental health.

That said, the taste is incredible. Every inhale feels like biting into a buttery sugar cookie. There’s an earthy undertone to the taste that arrives on exhale with just a hint of diesel fuel. The buds themselves emit an aroma of nutty baked goods.

Cookies is descended from two powerhouse strains, the pure sativa Durban Poison and OG Kush, the elder statesman of indica strains. These genetics matter because they speak to the strength and terpene profile of the Cookies strain. If you’re serious about getting the most bang for your buck, understanding the strain’s background genetics can help you make more-informed decisions about your health.

In the case of the Cookies strain, both its parents are renowned for potency. They have both been around for decades and are both have been consistently valued on the market for their entire existence. To this day, OG Kush is still a sought-after strain and Durban Poison has been used as a breeder for dozens of highly regarded strains.

With that kind of parentage, it’s no wonder that Cookies can elicit relaxing feelings that deeply affect mental and physical afflictions. But where other strains that can cause extreme sleepy experiences, Cookies can be used any time of day for relaxing relief.

The Difference between Cookies Delta 8 flower and Cookies CBD Flower

For Cookies Delta 8 THC Flower Click Here.

Top Shelf CBD Flower

In order to deliver the highest quality experiences to our customers, we source all of products, including this Cookies CBD flower, from growers who follow the highest standards in the industry.

Our farmers use organic practices that ensure plants develop to their full potential. Each hemp plant is fed only top-quality 100% organic plant food and grown in light-assisted greenhouses.

Expert growers attend to each stalk, hand-trimming the buds to ensure they grow correctly and ensuring that only healthy plants make the final cut.

The Cheesecake hemp is harvested only after reaching full maturity, then slow cured over a period of two weeks. Once the product is ready, the plants are inspected again, and each bud is hand-selected for inclusion.

Top shelf CBD flower takes more time and effort to grow, but it creates a better and healthier experience for our clients.

When you’re searching for the relief and calming sensations of CBD, you don’t want to worry about what heavy metals or pesticides might be in your batch. By sourcing our material from only the highest quality farms, we allow you rest easy.


Sour Lifter Strain

All of our CBD flowers are cultivated using organic farming practices. We value creating products that are good for the earth and good for your body. The CBD hemp plants are grown in an indoor or light-assisted greenhouse where they are carefully monitored to ensure the most beneficial growing conditions. Upon harvest, the buds are slowly cured for 12-14 days before being carefully hand-trimmed.

Similarities between Cannabis and Hemp Flower

Cannabis and hemp plants are quite closely related, and by legal definition, a cannabis plant produces flowers that are over 0.3% THC. Hemp plants, conversely, have less than 0.3% THC. The THC that the federal government is most concerned with is known as Delta 9 THC. It is important to distinguish between Delta 8 and Delta 9 because they are not regulated at the same federal level.

Sour Lifter Terpene Profile Includes:

Pinene Myrcene
Ocimene Geraniol
Humulene Limonene
Linalool Pulegone
Terpinolene Caryophyllene

17 reviews for CBD Flower

  1. Julie West (verified owner)

    Looks good and taste good and smooth

  2. Susan (verified owner)

    First time ordering from this site and was more than impressed with the quality of the flower and fast shipping time. Nice glass jar and with a tamperproof seal so kept the flower fresh. Note: I removed the liner on top of the jar carefully and was able to put it back in the lid and it resealed. The liner comes off easier the next time. Not sure how many times it will continue to seal but so far its sealing for me every time if i do it this way. It seals with the jar just fine but I like to make sure my flower is extra fresh. Will buy again.

  3. Hequaqua (verified owner)

    As a first time buyer/user I would have to say I am pretty satisfied. Smells great, burns nicely, and I felt relaxed afterward.

    I bought it to if it would help with my insomnia. It did the first couple of nights. I think next purchase I will not use as much. I think maybe just a few puffs, and I’d be ready to go.

    I bought it on Sunday, and didn’t get it until the following Saturday. I felt the shipping was a bit slow, but it is what it is. I did complain about the shipping, but no one ever returned my email.

    I’m willing to try again though. Things happen.

    While I’m new at this, I thought this was a good first purchase. Now I’m ready to try another product.

    Buy it, enjoy it….be happy!

  4. AC (verified owner)

    Pretty smooth, smells great, & perfect for relaxation.

  5. Gael Mercado (verified owner)

    The flavor compared to other delta 8 concentrate brands is crazy. The biggest plus for me was the effect, I told Eric I was looking for some energy and motivation in my mornings and i couldn’t be happier, It didn’t slow me down and was like my cup of coffee in the morning clearing my head of anxiety, ready for the day!

  6. Jared (verified owner)

    I liked the mood boost of this

  7. hank (verified owner)

    Jack frost is my go-to for anxiety. I like to smoke THC recreationally but this strain is magic for managing anxiety

  8. Reba (verified owner)

    This is great bud! Super fragrant and fruity smelling! Great mind and body stimulation! Great quality and price!

  9. Sydney (verified owner)

    Amazing color, scent, and super resin-y!

  10. B Hamlin (verified owner)

    I think this is our 3-4th purchase. We found it to be OK, not great, not terrible, just so so.

    Smells great out of container.Oh exhale not a lot of notes to taste. We “old-schooled” and used just rolling papers. It wasn’t hard to roll, but a bit inconsistent burn from time-to-time.

    Harsh at the end.

    We still have a little left, maybe I will go a different route and see how much of a difference there might be.

    Overall effects were a bit on the mild side in our opinion.

    Would I buy it again….hmmmmm….maybe. 🙂

  11. Dave (verified owner)

    Really love how quickly flower gets into the body and kills pain. Within a few minutes, morning aches are gone. Whole body feels relaxed as well. Bonus! Great product! Good strain! Staff was helpful and very knowledgeable! Thank you!!!

  12. mack (verified owner)

    Well rounded and enjoyable

  13. Sydney (verified owner)

    Nice smell, grinds well, doesn’t turn to dust, and burns really well (not too quick, and stays lit)

  14. Benjamin Mesa (verified owner)

    Gives me a good “head high”, but more importantly, sets me up to sleep at night without the debilitating panic that might otherwise set in from it’s high THC counterparts. 5 stars!

  15. Willy reed (verified owner)

    Felt like heaven. Thank you.

  16. Steven M. Cunningham (verified owner)

    It has been an atrocious several years for me in particular. Prior to that? Worst case scenario variety. Injured as I am still this particular strain was delicious & felt quite lovely. I had a rather immediate perk from it having eaten the flower raw. It is very, very rich though.

    The store & staff & so on was quite pleasant. Just wait until medicinal mushrooms are in the mix for that matter. Get a mixed salad here for sure!
    CBG, CBD & THCA each for any who are genuinely in the special needs spectrum of existence or are experiencing for the first time what it is to revel healthy. 🏄


  17. Georgette (verified owner)

    Ad is worded as plural preroll. Like there would be 3 of them just like the picture, alas there was only 1 preroll. It’s full size, but it’s still just one 1 preroll, not 3 and there was no explanation of why there was only 1 when I ordered plural.

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CBD Flower

CBD online is the new “CBD flower near me”. We only offer CBD bud that meets our hemp flower standards. We’ve sourced the best CBD flower from 17 independent craft farmsindoor or light-assisted greenhouse that follow organic farming practices. All our CBD flower is 12-day to 14-day slow-cured.

Indoor CBD Flower

This is hemp flower that comes from ideal growing conditions. HPS and LED lights and organic farming practices in expert hands create some 12-day to 14-day slow cured CBD flower you won’t forget. So forget the search for CBD flower near me and try this CBD bud you can easily order online.    

Light Assisted Greenhouse CBD Flower

Hemp flower grown in optimal conditions—that’s the product of a light dep greenhouse with 1000 watt HPS and full spectrum lighting. Our light-assisted greenhouse CBD bud is 12-day to 14-day slow cured and created with organic farming practices.

CBD Flower with Delta-8 THC

Our very own Stardust Hemp brand also has CBD Flower with Delta-8 THC. We have a variety of strains including Moon Rocks.

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