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Best CBD Cigarettes with Hemp Haus

Get Relaxed Instantly with CBD Cigarettes in 2023: 5 Best Hemp Cigarettes to Try

As CBD cigarettes become more and more popular as a healthier alternative to traditional tobacco smokes, it’s essential to understand the top five brands available in 2023. Each brand offers its own health benefits due to their lack of harmful chemicals or addictive nicotine found in regular cigarettes – so when picking one out for yourself, make sure you take all these factors into consideration!

Short Summary

  • CBD cigarettes offer a healthier, nicotine-free alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes with potential health benefits such as stress reduction and pain relief.

  • Factors to consider when choosing the right CBD cigarette include hemp strain, CBD content, terpene profile and flavor options.

  • Proper usage and storage of CBD cigarettes is essential for achieving desired effects - inhale slowly while holding breath before exhaling. Store in cool dry place away from sunlight in airtight container or vacuum bag.

Top 5 CBD Cigarettes

Finding the perfect CBD cigarettes doesn’t have to be a difficult task. Our top five picks are sure to satisfy – they’re all known for their high quality, effectiveness and unique features! Plain Jane leads the way with its extensive collection of flavored cigarettes containing varying amounts of nicotine.

Plain Jane Hemp Filtered Pre-Rolls

Pre-rolled Plain Jane Hemp Filtered cigarettes offer a less pungent and healthier smoking experience compared to conventional tobacco. Crafted with premium hemp blossoms, these CBD smokes are rolled in plant fiber paper that includes an accompanying filter for maximum discretion while using the product.

People turn to this alternative when looking for stress relief, migraine assistance or attempting to quit cigarette consumption altogether. Benefits include reducing nicotine cravings associated with traditional products.

Redwood Reserves

Redwood Reserves is a top-notch company when it comes to delivering quality products using organic hemp flower, with no added substances or fillers. From their Oregon base, each pre-rolled coast organic CBD hemp cigarette consists of 80, 100 mg of CBD and 0.3 thc maximum. Providing an enjoyable yet natural smoking experience.

The specifically designed curing system allows for users to benefit from its numerous health benefits such as reducing stress, decreasing anxiety levels and soothing inflammation along with helping those who desire quitting tobacco consumption by substituting it with Redwood Reserve’s distinctive blend of premium cbd cigarettes made from cannabis sativa plants (hemp).

Hemp Healix

Hemp. Healix offers the ultimate selection of top quality hemp cigarettes and CBD smokes. All these products are made with high-CBD, low-THC strain hemp flowers that may provide medical advantages like calming anxiety, quelling pain sensations, as well as reducing inflammation.

To satisfy different preferences in flavor or strength level, we offer a variety of options for our customers to choose from: you’re bound to find just what you need!

Coast Smokes

Coast CBD cigarettes are a premium product, made with a proprietary blend of organic hemp sourced from California. Designed to be an enjoyable and consistent daily smoking option, they offer a unique balance between flavor and quality. As an eco-conscious choice, they also feature biodegradable filters that compost within a few months without compromising the expected draw and taste from a traditional cigarette-style product.

Wild Hemp Hempettes

If you are searching for a calming smoking option with no nicotine, Wild Hemp Hempettes should be your top pick. Each hemp cigarette holds 75mg of CBD and offers the same non-addictive feeling as that from inhaling hemp flower. Plus they’re made using organic hemp.

Wild Hempette cigarettes can offer an invigorating substitute to those looking to quit smoking tobacco, giving them something rather than nothing when turning away from conventional tobacco cigarettes!

What Makes CBD Cigarettes Different?

CBD hemp cigarettes present a unique and healthier solution to smoking tobacco, as they are made from the hemp plant instead of nicotine or other harmful chemicals. This has created an increasing number of individuals who opt for these cannabis cigarettes over traditional ones. Let us take a closer look at what sets them apart in terms of health benefits and any potential side effects associated with their use.

The major distinction between CBD Hemp cigarettes compared to standard tobacco lies within its chemical makeup. Without nicotine, it offers users an enjoyable experience voiding negative impacts caused by conventional smokes like addiction issues or damaging lung conditions often found in those addicted to smoking regular cigarettes regularly. The various advantages one can gain through consuming this smokeable form have been researched heavily throughout recent years which demonstrate possible improvement related medical problems such as insomnia, anxiety, inflammation/ pain relief, chemotherapy induced nausea & vomiting and even epileptic seizures just to name a few!

Tobacco vs. Hemp

To traditional tobacco cigarettes which contain addictive nicotine and hazardous chemicals, hemp cigarettes are made of CBD free from these constituents. With a lowered THC content yet high amount of CBD present in them, the potential health benefits including stress relief, pain control and swelling decrease make it an attractive choice for those trying to quit smoking as they’re not addictive either.

Health Benefits

CBD cigarettes, featuring hemp instead of tobacco and free from nicotine or harmful chemicals typically associated with traditional cigarette smoking, are an innovative choice for those seeking alternatives. These all-natural, non-tobacco products might provide a sense of relaxation and comfort for some users.

It's essential to remember, though, that these are not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

Potential Side Effects

CBD cigarettes, while offering a different smoking experience, may contain traces of delta-9 THC, a constituent of hemp. Prolonged use could potentially lead to its accumulation in the system, which may influence certain drug test results.


As always, it is strongly recommended to discuss any new lifestyle habits, including the use of CBD cigarettes, with a healthcare professional before proceeding.

How to Choose the Right CBD Cigarette for You

When choosing the perfect CBD cigarette, there are a few key points to consider. To start off, it is important to research what hemp strain has been used and compare its characteristics with other options available in the market. Next up should be looking into each product’s cannabidiol (CBD) content, that way you can decide which concentration best meets your needs.

Take note of any unique terpene profiles offered as these give particular flavors or aromas. Lastly, contemplate whether certain flavorings would suit your preferences better than others! All these elements together will help ensure you make an informed choice when picking out a high-quality CBD cigarette for yourself.

Hemp Strain

CBD cigarettes are becoming an increasingly preferred way to benefit from the therapeutic effects of hemp without inhaling smoke. To find one that works for you, it’s important to take into consideration each strain’s unique properties and terpene content in order to reap its desired advantages. Knowing what a given hemp strain can provide is key when choosing which CBD cigarette fits your needs best.

CBD Content

When choosing a hemp cigarette, it is important to be aware of the CBD content so you can select an option that contains your desired potency. For those less experienced in taking CBD products, one with a lower dosage such as 30 mg may be more suitable. For veteran users, there are higher potencies available (up to 100mg) which may provide their preferred level of effect.

Terpene Profile

It’s important to select hemp cigarettes which contain the desired terpenes, as they can offer extra health benefits. Through lab reports, you’re able to examine what products have these beneficial compounds and make a well-informed decision accordingly.

Flavor Options

CBD cigarettes offer the potential advantages of CBD without being too strong to handle. You can choose from an extensive selection, such as original, menthol and fruity varieties alongside unique flavors like peppermint or vanilla – whatever appeals most to you! With so many possibilities out there, it’s certain that one flavor will stand out for everyone. These flavorful smokes are a great way to enjoy all the benefits of taking in cannabidiols regularly.

Using CBD Cigarettes for Different Purposes

CBD cigarettes can be employed for multiple reasons, one of the most popular being quitting tobacco smoking. This method provides an alternative to regular cigarette use and aids in cessation. CBD cigarettes are beneficial when managing anxiety and stress as well as providing relief from pain or inflammation. Guidance on proper usage should also be taken into account while utilizing these products.

Smoking is a widespread problem and it seems that many have had success with using CBD based alternatives when they try to quit. Effectively aiding them in their effort towards giving up traditional tobacco-filled options. With this information available, smokers will hopefully find themselves free from nicotine addiction before long by taking advantage of what hemp derivatives may provide!

Quitting Tobacco Smoking

Quitting smoking tobacco can be difficult, but CBD cigarettes provide a nicotine-free alternative that could help make the process easier. By providing smokers with this healthier option, it might enable them to lessen their cravings and withdrawal symptoms associated with quitting cigarette use. These hemp derived products satisfy one’s urge for a smoke without having to ingest any of the harshness from nicotine commonly found in traditional tobacco options.

Managing Anxiety and Stress

CBD cigarettes are a great way to quickly and naturally alleviate anxiety and stress. Its calming properties can help reduce stress-related feelings of worry, while also providing relaxation, making it an easy yet effective option for people seeking relief from tension or anxiety. CBD cigarettes provide the convenience of being discreet as well. Allowing users to manage their pressure in private without any inconvenience involved. The effects that come with using CBD cigarettes make them ideal for managing physical distress caused by apprehension as they have been proven to be highly successful at doing so.

Pain Relief and Inflammation Reduction

As an alternative to traditional cigarettes, CBD cigarettes are gaining more and more popularity. People who experience pain or inflammation may find some relief when using the product since it is thought to offer anti-inflammatory benefits thanks to its main active ingredient, CBD. Although research needs to be conducted on humans for confirmation of this theory, there have been numerous reports from those claiming that their symptoms were alleviated after consuming these kinds of cigarettes.

Proper Usage and Storage of CBD Cigarettes

For the best experience, it’s necessary to utilize CBD cigarettes responsibly and store them appropriately. In this section we will provide instructions on proper smoking techniques as well as storage for these products so you can get maximum benefit from your use of them.

When using a CBD cigarette, slow and steady puffs should be taken in order to ensure that its effects are properly felt. Proper storage is also key: keep out of direct sunlight or sources of heat which could affect the quality over time while preserving all beneficial properties intact inside each puff!

Correct Smoking Technique

In order to get the most out of your CBD cigarette, it is imperative that you smoke using the correct technique. Start by taking a short inhalation, holding onto the smoke before letting it go gradually and then repeating or saving any leftover for another session. This process will ensure full enjoyment without feeling overwhelmed in anyway. This method guarantees maximum benefits from smoking a CBD cigarette are fully utilized with minimal discomfort felt at all times.

Storage Tips

It is important to store CBD cigarettes in the right way, so they keep their potency and stay enjoyable. To do this effectively, place them somewhere cool and dry out of direct sunlight. Using an airtight container or vacuum bag will help preserve freshness too. Sticking to these guidelines should maintain excellent quality for a longer time period than usual.


Considering the many health advantages compared to traditional tobacco cigarettes, it is clear that CBD cigarettes offer a far healthier alternative. With numerous hemp strains and varied levels of CBD content, terpene profiles and flavor options available in one package, consumers are sure to find the perfect option for their individual needs. From increased relaxation effects down to fewer harmful chemicals. Why not try out some of our top five CBD cigarette picks today and enjoy all these benefits firsthand?

Frequently Asked Questions

Are CBD cigarettes safe to smoke?

When considering smoking hemp cigarettes as an alternative to regular cigarettes, caution should be exercised due to the potential of irritation in the lungs. Research has indicated that there is some evidence suggesting it could be safer, but nonetheless, people should proceed with care when attempting to smoke CBD products.

What are the main differences between CBD cigarettes and traditional tobacco cigarettes?

CBD cigarettes, which contain hemp instead of tobacco and no nicotine or chemicals that could harm one’s health, offer a range of advantages compared to traditional cigarette smoking. These include reducing anxiety levels as well as managing pain and inflammation without the use of any kind of tobacco product.

For those looking for healthier alternatives when it comes to smoking enjoyment, CBD cigarettes present an ideal solution with their natural elements providing such added benefits while also lacking harmful ingredients found in regular tobacco products.

How can CBD cigarettes help with quitting smoking?

CBD cigarettes offer an alternative for those wanting to quit smoking without nicotine, thus alleviating many of the cravings and withdrawal symptoms. This makes quitting much simpler than it would be with traditional methods and provides a great way to kick off your journey towards becoming smoke-free. Smoking CBD can assist in significantly decreasing addiction levels when compared with regular cigarette use, as there is no ingestion of addictive substances within these products.

What factors should I consider when choosing a CBD cigarette?

When selecting a CBD cigarette, make sure to look into the strain of hemp used, how much CBD it contains, its terpene profile and what flavour options there are so that you can guarantee getting something that meets your standards.

What are some potential side effects of smoking CBD cigarettes?

It is essential to talk with a doctor before smoking CBD cigarettes as it could bring about possible adverse reactions such as dry mouth, fatigue and decreased appetite.

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