CBD Research

CBD Research

Can CBD Oil Cause Liver Toxicity?

It Could … If You Throw High Doses of a Mostly Non-absorbable CBD Form at Your Liver   The FDA has made the blanket statement that CBD can cause liver injury, even though the organization admits that it “has only seen limited data about CBD safety.” Like many OTC and prescription drugs, CBD affects people differently. And yes, some

Why We Trust Puffin Hemp: A Proven, Innovative CBD Formula Forging the Path in Hemp Science

  It’s a common misconception that tons of safety studies have been done on cannabidiol (CBD) for it’s safety and effects in humans. The consumer mind longs to cling to the belief that a product has been passed lovingly through the hands of scientists after being subjected to the rigor of methodical scrutiny, poked and prodded for its merits

New Human Study Shows Ananda Hemp CBD Reduced Opioid Use and Improved Pain and Sleep

Almost none of the CBD products that you can buy online or in stores has been put to the test in a credible human clinical trial. We’re talking the kind of studies that gets published in peer-reviewed science journals. How do we know this? Because so few studies of this kind have been done about the effects and safety

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