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Understanding Liposome Technology — The Ultimate Uber for Your Supplements

Liposome Technology is The Ultimate Uber for Supplements


You’ve probably been hearing more and more about liposomes. Liposomal supplements like liposomal Vitamin C, melatonin, liposomal CBD, and curcumin. 

So what’s all the hype about?

The thing you need to know about liposomes is that they have incredible bioavailability. In plain words: they can get needed nutrients into your bloodstream quick and efficiently.

But let’s break it down from the beginning, plain and simple. Not a ton of science speak. Because anyone can potentially benefit from liposomal products and everyone should know about them and have access to them.


Liposomes — The Quick and Dirty Origin Story

Liposome, pronounced LIE-poe-zome or LI-poe-zome, comes from the two Greek words lipo (“fat”) and soma (“body”). I think I just found a new nickname for my dog.

Liposomes were fairly recently discovered in 1961 by a British hematologist (studier of blood), Alec D Bangham. A year later, he and his associates figured out that these puppies had a closed lipid bilayer structure that could hold and release “contents”.

In 1965 they published their work and launched the liposome “industry”. Hilariously, Bangham wanted to call liposomes “multilamellar smectic mesophases” or, get this … “Banghasomes”. Can you imagine walking into a shop, “Uh, I’d like to get some CBD Banghasomes, please.” Or, “Do you have any multilamellar smectic mesophases Vitamin C?”

Thankfully, an American colleague talked him into the term “liposomes”.

And this concludes the abbreviated backstory that has led up to today — to award-winning chemists like Dr. Emek Blair, who is our go-to expert on all things liposomes. We’ll discuss him and his impressive knowledge of liposome technology later.

Now let’s get to exactly what a liposome is.


What Are Liposomes?

Your Vitamin’s Delivery Vehicle

Yes, liposomes are essentially the Uber for supplements, nutrients, and targeted drugs. And if you don’t take this Uber, if you just try to simply digest your supplement, there’s no telling how much of it is going to make it home (into your bloodstream).

Why? Because your supplement gets attacked in your gut. Your digestive system is like a war zone for supplements and nutrients. To borrow a description from Dr. Blair, most of it’s just going to get vaporized in your belly. With liposomal delivery, you can Uber your supplement through the bad neighborhood of your stomach and safely delivery it to its ultimate destination — your bloodstream. That’s bioavailability.


How Do Liposomes Work?

What do you think of when you hear the words “phospholipid bilayer”? What if we told you all it means is a double of layer of fat that doesn’t let water pass through it. … kind of diffuses the scientific intimidation, doesn’t it?


What is a Liposome? Rendered 3d Image of a Lipid.


Check out the image next door. Phospholipids are simply a kind of lipid (fat) that has a head and two tails. Simply put, the heads (blue circles) are hydrophilic, they like water, and the tails (red lines) are hydrophobic, they detest it. So, this double layer is a shell or membrane of lipids being how they like to be in liquid.

The inside of your body is very wet, as you know. Therefore, liposomes are fat bubbles that can transport a water-soluble substance in its liquid center (the blue cargo) or a non-soluble substance in its shell (the red cargo), all while keeping it contained on the way to the bloodstream.

Since phospholipids are the major building blocks of cell membranes, liposomes have the advantage of speaking your body’s language; it’s like having high-level clearance to your inner environment.


Check out this video for a liposomal product that explains liposomes simply.



What Are Liposomes Used For?

You may have noticed a growing presence of liposomal products online and in social media, including:


  • Liposomal vitamins like liquid liposomal Vitamin C, although there are other kinds of liposomal forms like capsules and topicals.
  • Liposomal nutrients like glutathione and magnesium
  • Liposomal supplements like liposomal CBD
  • Liposomal herbs like curcumin



Liposome Manufacturing — Liposome Technology Is Smart Technology for Your Health

Our go-to guy for all things liposomal is this guy to the right here. With over a decade of experience in food manufacturing and the supplement industry, and nearly two decades of experience studying, developing, and customizing liposomes, Dr. Blair has and continues to contribute to liposomal technology and the supplement industry.

The cool thing about Dr. Blair is that, along with science, he has a deep appreciation for holistic nutrition, nature, quality, and sustainability practices. And his experience is on point. All of this is what you want in someone who is manufacturing and encapsulating supplements with liposomes. 

He has formulated upwards of 100 unique liposomal formulas in the areas of:


  • liposomal encapsulation for vitamins
  • liposomal encapsulation for CBD
  • liposomal encapsulation for melatonin
  • liposomal encapsulation for curcumin
  • liposomal encapsulation for glutathione


If anyone knows how to make liposomes, it’s this guy. He even knows how to make CBD oil taste good in Puffin Hemp Liposomal CBD.



Liposomes Are Safe

Liposomes are non-toxic, are compatible with your blood, and won’t cause immune response. They have increased bioavailability, so there won’t be a lot of wasted substance in your stomach to irritate it, like taking too much regular Vitamin C can cause. Also, liposomes are completely biodegradable. When made from a healthy fat, it will degrade in the bloodstream and be absorbed as a nutrient.

Dr. Blair uses lipids derived from non-GMO sunflowers in his lipsomal formulas. Additionally, his liposome manufacturing process does not use heat or pressure, which can damage or alter the lipid structure of the liposome.


Liposomal Delivery That Works

If you’re spending money on CBD, vitamins, or melatonin, you want it to work for you right? You can get that bioavailability with a liposomal delivery system. Bioavailability is how well something is absorbed into your system, and it’s a huge factor in what makes CBD effective, or any supplement.

However, not all liposomes are created equal. Here’s just few things about Dr. Blair that let you know his liposome manufacturing is setting the industry standard:


  • Has several completed and ongoing clinical studies.
  • All liposomal products are created in a cGMP (good manufacturing practices certified), state-of-the-art lab.
  • It’s the only supplement manufacturer to be specifically certified to produce liposome supplements.
  • All liposomal products are tested for purity, identity, and strength at the start and finish of the manufacturing process.
  • Uses precise measuring and mixing practices.
  • Has quality management systems in place with stringent production processes.
  • Upholds Master Manufacturing Recording standards.
  • Uses ISO Quality Standards.
  • Employees are trained in best practices.


Recommended Liposomal Products

We hope we have helped to define lipsomes and liposomal technology for you in a way that enhances your understanding and can help you decide if liposomal products are for you. So, before you go, we’re going to suggest the liposomal products we stand behind.


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Puffin Health Liposomal Multivitamin


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