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The Ultimate Guide for Delta 8 Moon Rocks

Everything You Need to Know About Delta 8 Moon Rocks

Learn the Art of Smoking Moon Rocks

So you’ve recently gotten your hands on some otherworldly-looking Delta 8 Moon Rocks, and you’re incredibly excited to give them a try, but you’re not exactly sure how to go about it? 

Smokable Delta 8 Moon Rocks

Not to worry, the alien appearance of these potent Delta 8 products may be a bit intimidating, but they’re not too different from any other smokable cannabinoid product. 

Sure, a few extra steps are involved, but once you’ve got those down, you should have no problem lighting up and enjoying the next-level psychoactive experience that only a Delta 8 moon rock can provide.

In this guide, we’re going to fill you in on the wide variety of ways in which you can enjoy your Delta 8 moon rocks. We’ll start with the dab rig method, then we’ll go into the traditional bowl technique, and finally, we’ll let you know how best to roll your moon rocks up into a joint or blunt. 

Make sure to follow these instructions closely, and you should be a Delta 8 moon rock toking pro in no time at all.

Use a Dab Rig to Smoke Delta 8 Moon Rocks

If your preferred method of cannabinoid consumption is with a dab rig, then you’ll probably want to use one to smoke your Moon Rocks. Dab rigs vaporize rather than combust, so you can enjoy a more potent and pure hit of your moon rocks that contains the maximum amount of flavor-packed terpenes.

You’re going to want to avoid grinding up your moon rocks because that will cause you to lose much of the kief in which the product is rolled, more or less defeating the purpose of the moon rock in the first place. 

Instead, just slice off a small section of the moon rock (remember: these things are potent) and hold it up to that heated nail and inhale. It’ll taste really good and hit hard. Buckle up.

Remember that there is a CBD flower in your Delta 8 moon rock, so you may wind up with some black residue in your rig. You can generally clean off the residue with ease, but some dab enthusiasts like their rig to remain as clean as possible. 

If you’re one of those people, perhaps go with the next Delta 8 moon rock consumption method: a bowl.

You Can Smoke Moon Rocks with a Bowl

To properly smoke your Delta 8 moon rocks using a bowl, you’re going to need some CBD flower to smoke along with it. Because Delta 8 moon rocks are so potent, you’re only going to need a pea-sized chunk (maybe less!) of one to get the desired effect which can present some issues if you don’t have a bed of ground flower to rest it on. 

So grab that grinder and pack up your bowl about 50% full with fresh flower, drop that pea-sized piece of moon rock on top, and then top it off with some more flower.

You’re going to want to corner the bowl when lighting it. Cornering is when you gently light up a small section around the rim of the bowl rather than going whole-hog and scorching the entire thing all at once. 

This process preserves the bud’s flavor, reduces waste, and in the case of Delta 8 moon rocks, prevents you from launching into outer space before you’re prepared.

Keep in mind that your pea-sized chunk of moon rock will continue to cherry once it’s lit until it’s all burned up, so you’re going to want to be economical with your smoking as not to waste any moon rock. 

Just make sure you are prepared for the potency of this product, or you may send yourself into another, potentially uncomfortable dimension trying to keep from wasting it.

Put Moonrocks in a Joint or Blunt to Smoke 

Some people prefer a more traditional method of cannabinoid consumption, even when enjoying moon rocks. Rolling up a joint or blunt is a time-honored way to smoke up, and adding Delta 8 moon rocks into the equation can elevate it to another level.

You don’t want to break up a moon rock into small pieces and then twist it up in a paper or a wrap. They simply won’t burn the way you want them to all on their own, and you’ll wind up wasting your precious products lighting and relighting your joint or blunt over and over again. 

To do this properly, you’re going to need some CBD flower.

Grind up a healthy portion of CBD flower, add some small bits of Delta 8 moon rock into the mix, and then roll that cannabinoid antipasto up into the paper or wrap of your choice. 

This addition will send the potency level of your joint or blunt through the roof while allowing the moon rocks to properly burn so there won’t be any unnecessary waste.

This method works equally well with blunt wraps if that’s your preferred way to roll. Just ensure that you have enough well-ground flower to provide a base from which the moon rock chunks can ignite and smolder. 

Where to Buy Delta 8 Moon Rocks Online or Locally in Kansas City

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The History Moon Rocks

With the popularity of Delta 8 THC exploding recently, a wide variety of different products containing this great cannabinoid have been hitting the market at a breakneck pace. 

Every method of enjoying traditional cannabis is finding its way into a Delta 8 iteration, and that includes some of the most potent and outlandish of them all, including moon rocks.

If you didn’t already know, moon rocks are perhaps the most decadent way to enjoy your Delta 8. They’re like the Megazord of cannabinoids: a highly potent combination of flower, concentrates, and kief, all rolled up and presented in a way that looks like some kind of geological phenomenon from outer space. Hence the name moon rocks.

Delta 8 moon rocks are pretty much brand-new to the world of psychoactive cannabinoid products available for purchase, but the concept of moon rocks has been around for a long time. 

To get a better idea of where they come from and who in their right mind invented them, let’s take a look at the interesting history of these uniquely potent members of the smokable THC family.

What Exactly Is a Moon Rock?

The traditional concept of a moon rock is a cannabis flower that has been dipped in a potent cannabis extract and then rolled up in high-quality kief crystals. As you might imagine, the result of this cannabis concoction is a seriously strong and outlandish-looking bud that is packed with THC. 

Often moon rocks boast a THC content of over 50%, which is quite a bit higher than what even the top-shelf buds usually have to offer.

Delta 8 moon rocks are the Delta 8 THC proxy of this madman’s method of collecting as much THC into one single eye-popping product as humanly possible. The buds used are from CBD flower, the concentrate is made from Delta 8 distillate, and the kief is made from CBD or CBG. 

Terpenes are also added to Delta 8 moon rocks to enhance the flavor and bring you the full cannabis experience.  

The Origin of the Moon Rock

The history of the moon rock extends back at least two or three decades, but their true origins are somewhat murky. We know that rapper Kurupt made the world of cannabis enthusiasts aware of the existence of moon rocks back when he was a member of the Death Row Records duo Tha Dogg Pound in the 1990s. 

Kurupt and his partner Dr. Zodiak have since created their own potent brand of moon rocks, which they sell wherever recreational marijuana has been made legal.

Delta 8 moon rocks are a far newer product, as Delta 8 THC has only been extracted and concentrated for consumption since the 2018 Farm Bill made it legal to produce the hemp from which it is made. 

It’s not clear who came up with the idea to do with Delta 8 what Kurupt has been doing with his cannabis since the 1990s, but whoever they are, they certainly owe a debt of gratitude to the hip hop artist, and so do we. Delta 8 moon rocks take the Delta 8 experience to a whole different level.

The combination of different products in a single moon rock provides a smoking experience that’s far more potent and enjoyable.

How Moon Rocks Evolved Over Time

Moon rocks have evolved quite a bit over time, much like all other cannabis products have since legalization has spread slowly throughout the country. 

Ever since it became less risky to cultivate marijuana, producers have been on a never-ending journey to create the most potent cannabis product possible, and the moon rock has been a big part of that journey.

Although they were invented to achieve maximum potency, subsequent moon rock products have been somewhat up and down in quality. 

While marijuana moon rocks used to be created strictly with the highest quality bud, concentrates, and kief available, there are now some pretenders that will hide bottom shelf bud and questionable concentrates beneath a beautiful layer of kief, which leads to a less than stellar product. 

That’s always something to be wary of when you’re choosing a moon rock product.  

But while some bogus moon rock products are going around, some unbelievable ones are also available thanks to legalization in certain states. 

Many devoted cannabis cultivators are out there right now concocting the most potent buds the world has ever seen, and there are plenty of marijuana-loving scientists out there who are dedicated to creating the highest quality concentrates possible. 

Because of this, there’s no doubt that this is the best time to be a fan of moon rocks in the history of humanity, even if you don’t live in a state with legalized recreational cannabis.

The most recent step in the evolution of the moon rock has to be the Delta 8 iteration of the product. Creating these potent otherworldly cannabinoid asteroids using CBD, CBG, and Delta 8 THC means that more people in the U.S. get to enjoy their intergalactic power than ever before.

Know Where to Buy Delta 8 THC Moon Rocks

If this brief history of the strange and powerful moon rock has inspired you to give these potent cannabinoid creations a try, then you should check out The Hemp Haus’s online Delta 8 moon rock selection today. If you are in Kansas City, and want you moon rocks now, stop by our store

How Delta 8 Moon Rocks are Made

Learn How to Make Moon Rocks with Delta 8 THC

If you’ve ever seen Delta 8 moon rocks, you know they’re one of the most otherworldly looking cannabinoid products available. They have the appearance of something not of this planet, and they can send you to another realm with their high potency, which makes the name “moon rocks” quite fitting for them.

But how exactly are moon rocks made? No, they’re not actually from outer space, as their appearance suggests. They’re a human-made cannabis creation developed through a process that smokers honed over multiple decades before Delta 8 came onto the scene, and technique was applied to create a cannabinoid product all its own.

To get a better idea of how Delta 8 moon rocks are transformed from flower, concentrate, terpenes, and kief into a singular, smokable, almost extraterrestrial product, let’s take a look at the process of creating them. 

You can even make them yourself in the comfort of your own home, provided you have the proper equipment and ingredients.

Exactly What Is Delta 8 and What Form Does it Come in?

Before we dive into the process of supercharging your Delta 8 experience, maybe we should take a few steps backward and fill you in on what exactly Delta 8 is in the first place. 

After all, it wasn’t all that long ago that this great cannabinoid was made legal and became available to the public in the form of vapes, flowers, and other products. We wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t get the memo.

Delta 8 THC, or delta-8-tetrahydrocannabinol, is a cannabinoid found in both the hemp and cannabis plants. As you may have guessed, it’s similar to Delta 9 THC, which is the main psychoactive component in cannabis and the one that makes the plant illegal in several states. 

Delta 8 is also psychoactive, although its effects are milder than Delta 9. However, it doesn’t cause much of the anxiety or paranoia associated with Delta 9, making it an intriguing product to cannabis enthusiasts prone to the occasional freakout.

Delta 8 Moon Rock Ingredients

The recipe for Delta 8 moon rocks is simple enough. Four well-known hemp-based products are combined to create one highly potent agglomeration. Let’s look at these four products and some interesting details about each of them.

Hemp Flower

The base ingredient for Delta 8 moon rocks is a grade-A hemp flower. A beautiful high-quality hemp bud is used as the canvas to be painted on with terpene-infused Delta 8 distillate and a shower of shimmering kief so that these wild-looking moon rocks can be born.

Delta 8 Distillate

Because Delta 8 exists in such small amounts in both hemp and cannabis flower, it must be isolated and concentrated for you to enjoy its psychoactive effects. That’s where the distillate comes in. It’s a liquid full of Delta 8 THC that the hemp flower can be dunked into to prime it for rolling in the CBG kief.

CBG Kief

CBG kief is a collection of those resinous trichomes that form on the outside of hemp flowers. CBG is a legal cannabinoid that is non-psychoactive but does offer therapeutic effects, such as relaxation and stress relief. 


The Delta 8 moon rocks are given their strange and beautiful appearance by being coated in CBG kief after they’ve been dunked in the Delta 8 distillate.


Terpenes are the chemical compounds that give hemp its incredible taste and smell. There are a ton of different terpenes to enjoy, and it’s been hypothesized that the terpene profile of a given strain contributes to the psychoactive effects that that strain has to offer. 

With Delta 8 moon rocks, terpenes are added to give the product an extra kick of incredible flavor.

Creating Moon Rocks

To create our Delta 8 moon rocks, we begin by choosing the highest quality premium hemp flower we can find. Once we’ve settled on a flower to use, we heat some Delta 8 THC distillate and add terpenes to it for a high flavor profile and aroma. 


We will then dip the hemp flower into the distillate/terpene combination, where it becomes sticky and psychoactive. These next-level hemp buds are then rolled generously in CBG kief to give them that distinctive intergalactic appearance that earned them the moon rock name.

How to Make Delta 8 Moon Rocks at Home

Looking to create your own Delta 8 moon rocks? It’s not a bad plan, particularly if you want to use a favorite strain that isn’t currently available in moon rock form. However, you’re going to need the proper equipment to pull this off.

Make sure you have:

  •  28-30 grams premium hemp flower
  • 20 grams Delta 8 distillate
  • Terpenes
  • Glass jar
  • Heat source
  • Small tupperware container full of CBG kief
  • Tweezers


First, you’re going to want to heat your distillate in the glass jar along with the terpenes (7% ratio), being careful not to overheat it and cause them to evaporate.

Once the distillate is warm and loosened up, grab a small-ish hemp bud with the tweezers, dunk it in the distillate, and let the excess drip off back into the jar.

Next, throw that bud into the Tupperware and roll it around to get a nice thick coating of kief on it. You can then throw the lid on the Tupperware and shake it around until the kief is thickly layered.

Repeat until all of the hemp buds look like they were retrieved by Neil Armstrong and brought back to earth.

Where Can I Purchase Moon Rocks Online or Locally?

If you’re looking for some high-quality Delta 8 moon rocks, check out the wide selection available online at The Hemp Haus today!

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