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Stardust CBN Products

CBN (Cannabinol) Products by Stardust Hemp

If you haven't heard about CBN, and you like to sleep, you are missing out.  Cannabinol, or CBN, is one of our favorite things.  CBN is a cannabinoid—a chemical compound found in the cannabis plant. There are over 113 known cannabinoids, some of which have some pretty impressive and useful effects. You can learn more about this CBN cannabinoid in this previous blog. A newer cannabinoid recently found is Delta 10

The Hemp Haus' own Stardust CBN Hemp Products

The Hemp Haus and Stardust Hemp work directly with hemp farms to create the highest quality CBN Flower for pre-rolls and isolates

CBN Pre-Roll Strains

ZKZ CBN Pre Rolls

In this tropical, tangy terpsolate, you’ll get the full sedative potential of concentrated CBN alongside major terpene players pinene and humulene. Plus, our CBN hemp joints use the soothing-power of the entourage effect to help melt away the aches and tension that can take hold in the body after a long, stressful day. 

Zkittles CBN Flower Pre Roll

Northern Lights CBN Strain

These CBN-isolate infused prerolls put the lights out by combining the soothing nature of CBN isolate powder and the woody and earthy effects of Northern Lights terpenes.

Northern Lights CBN Pre Roll Joints

Gelato CBN Flower Pre Rolls

When you choose Gelato CBN preroll, you get dreamsicle-flavored euphoria that lasts all the way through because we make our flavored hemp rolls with high-quality terpsolate. 

Gelato CBN Pre-roll Flower Joints

White Widow CBN Joints

We’ve created a White Widow CBN hemp joint you’ve been waiting for. That’s right, hemp flower joints flavored with the storied Amsterdam love-child strain terpsolate. You’ll get the full sedative potential of CBN isolate alongside predominant terpenes linalool and myrcene. Translation: relaxing, stress-relieving effects imbued with floral, earthy, and herbal aromas.

White Widow CBN Flower Joint

Runtz Strain CBN Flower Pre Rolls

Get our CBN prerolls infused with yummy Runtz terpsolate — the beloved candy child strain of Gelato and Zkittles. Relax your mind. Melt stress away. Reduce muscle tension. Get whole-body relaxation before bed. This CBN-infused preroll checks all the boxes on the how to get calm AF list.

Runtz CBN Isolate Pre Roll Joints

Mimosa Strain CBN Joints

You want the soothing nature of a CBN-infused preroll combined with the refreshing terpene recipe for citrusy champagne dreams. Make Sunday or everyday more relaxing and uplifting with our refreshing Mimosa CBN-infused hemp prerolls.

Mimosa CBN Isolate Pre Rolls

GG4 100 MG CBN Isolate Prerolls

Our GG4-flavored CBN isolate hemp joints will poke your nose and put you at ease. Woody and floral nerolidol has natural sedative effects. These CBN-isolate infused prerolls have a soothing nature that doesn’t come at the expense of paranoia or the next-day grogginess.

GG4 CBN Flower Pre Roll

CBN Isolate Powder

CBN Isolate powder looks just like tiny crystals that are known for its sedative properties.  Great for dabbing or adding to your CBD flower. Below are a list of our individual CBN Isolates you can purchase. 

CBN Isolate Not Flavored

Our CBN isolate powder has a soothing nature that doesn’t come at the expense of paranoia or the next-day grogginess.

Runtz Isolate

What’s better than the delicious fruity flavor of Zkittles or Gelato in your CBN isolate powder? How about the beautiful hybrid-child of both in our Runtz CBN Isolate.

Mimosa Isolate

All of our hemp products are Farm-Bill compliant, so our CBN isolate powder is safe, legal, and of the highest quality. Best of all, no A.M. sleep-aid hangover.

GG4 Isolate

This one’s for all those old school Gorilla Glue strain lovers. Does the whiff of paste bring back nostalgic memories of kindergarten art class? Well, for all you beautiful, creative weirdos out there, we’ve got the perfect bedtime CBN isolate for you. Our GG4 CBN isolate powder is the dabbing concentrate that will poke your nose and put you at ease.

Gelato Isolate

Gelato CBN isolate powder is the dabbing concentrate for you if you are wanting the soothing nature of CBN isolate powder combined with a terpene recipe that ends in dreamsicle-flavored euphoria. In this creamy potent terpsolate, you’ll get the full sedative potential of concentrated CBN alongside predominant terpenes caryophyllene and limonene. 

Zkittles Isolate

Get ready to zen your senses with a fruity rainbow of relaxation when you dab this CBN isolate terped out with the bursting flavor of ZKZ. 

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