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So you purchased Delta 9-THC and CBD gummies, now what?

The Best Way to Take CBD & THC Edibles

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You’ve heard many things about edibles and are curious to give these potent cannabinoid candies a try. With the cannabis and CBD industries exploding new products onto the market, you have a wide variety of tasty treats at your disposal.

Once you’ve got your new edibles in hand, clear your schedule and make sure you’ve got a cozy spot where you can curl up. Get ready to experience a body high that will melt your worries and make the rest of the day feel like a dream.


How do CBD and THC interact together?

THC and CBD are both potent cannabinoids that can impart strong effects on the body. THC is most commonly known as the psychoactive cannabinoid found in cannabis. CBD is also naturally occurring in cannabis but is more often found in hemp.

Hemp and cannabis are the same plant but are federally distinguished based on the levels of cannabis found in the plant. For example, a hemp plant with more than .3% of naturally occurring THC is labeled cannabis.

While many modern growers produce cannabis strains that are high THC and low CBD, the two cannabinoids were naturally present in hemp and cannabis plants. More often, producers are combining the two again so that consumers can experience a more full-spectrum product and receive the benefits of both cannabinoids.

The user can experience what is known as the “Entourage Effect,” which is the theory that cannabinoids are more potent when taken together.

Some studies show how CBD can mitigate the unwanted effects of THC in the body. This is caused primarily by how CBD blocks the CB1 receptors in the endocannabinoid system, preventing the THC molecules from interacting with as many. It is possible this reason is why a consumer may experience lesser side effects such as anxiety and paranoia. 


What to Expect for the Effects of Edibles

Edibles are known for producing a much stronger effect than smoking or vaping. A 2015 report commissioned by the Colorado Department of Revenue found that 1mg of THC from an edible produced a behavioral effect of 5.71mg of THC. Many consumers can back that up with their anecdotal experiences!

It is essential to dose low and slow when starting edibles. If this is your first time, we recommend starting with ¼ to ½ of a 100mg CBD/10mg THC gummy. Know that it can take some time for the effects to kick in.

Digesting THC instead of inhaling it means that it has to travel your digestive system before it eventually makes its way to your brain. From the digestive tract, it goes to the liver to be metabolized before hitting your bloodstream. Once it crosses your blood-brain barrier, the THC and CBD interact with your endocannabinoid system, and the effects begin to occur.

Many factors will influence the duration and strength of your high. Tolerance is the most notable. For regular smokers or consumers of cannabis, your tolerance will be much higher, and the length of your high will likely be shorter as well. Likewise, for the casual or infrequent smoker, your tolerance will be much lower, and you will not need very much to experience a powerful high.

Additionally, each person’s unique metabolism will affect how quickly the THC and CBD leave your system. Finally, body weight can also impact how your body processes THC, and you may notice that you need higher levels of THC or CBD to reach your desired effect. Learn the difference between THC and CBD by going to this blog:

Another factor is the ingredients from which your gummy is made. Vegan gummies, for example, take longer to digest because they are produced with tapioca or pectin rather than gelatin as with traditional gummies. We recommend considering all of these elements as you are experimenting with the correct edible dose for your body.

If you take a dose and don’t feel the effects as strong as you’d like, the best rule of thumb is to wait at least 90 minutes before taking more. Edibles can take some time to kick in, and they only get stronger as they do. So be patient and wait for them to kick in before dosing up.

Dosages for Experienced THC/CBD Enthusiasts

Once you get the hang of gummies, you’ll love trying higher doses to experience deeper levels of relaxation and body support. For an intermediate dose, you can take one whole 100mg CBD/10mg THC gummy and get ready for a lovely ride. This amount is a 10:1 ratio that has an outstanding balance of both cannabinoids.

The more experienced or high tolerance user can take 1-3 of the 100mg CBD/10mg THC gummies to achieve the deep state of relaxation you are trying to reach. We recommend this dose only if you have a solid understanding of your tolerance and have ample experience taking edibles. Respect your body and your limits! In our Complete Delta 8 or Delta 9 Gummies blog, we go over dosing at the the end to review. 


THC and CBD Make for One Delicious Gummy

Enjoy how THC+CBD gummies can produce an incredible effect on your body. The combination of the two boosts relaxation and euphoria, allowing the stresses of the day to melt away. For more information on gummies containing both THC and CBD, call the experts at The Hemp Haus or stop by their Kansas City CBD & Delta 8 Store today. 


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