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Read our very special customer’s story that was highlighted in Her Life Magazine in December 2018!  

Ginny Zeigler was desperate the day she walked into The Hemp Haus. For two years, chronic pain and stress had taken over her life. It was all she could focus on. “I was always grumpy from pain, and I had to train people for my job. I couldn’t do things with my grandchildren. I felt like a horrible waste of a person.”

Ginny works 10-hour days on a concrete factory floor and has rheumatoid arthritis. In the last several years, she’s had back-to-back shoulder injuries, a rotator cuff surgery, two herniated discs, and needs both knees replaced. Between all of that, she has been in “constant, gnawing, raw pain” since 2016.

“I would come home to my husband, too miserable to fix dinner, and just get in bed. But there was no rest. The pain woke me up four to five times a night,” Ginny explained. Then she would get up the next day to the same thing. “I had a very poor quality of life.” Most of her days ended sobbing in bed.

“Every time I went back to the doctor, they prescribed something else that didn’t help.” By mid-2018, she was taking 12 Advil® and three muscle relaxers a day, and an OxyContin® when she couldn’t bear it. The OxyContin® was left over from a surgery in 2013. To add insult to injury, all those medications that served only to get her through a poor-quality-of-life day came with side effects, such as rapid heartbeat, upset stomach, and indigestion.

Then she was down to only four pain pills.

The best she could do was to barely manage the pain, and that option was about to be taken away from her.

She began to search online for alternative forms of relief and started seeing a lot about CBD. “I skipped the whole drug scene when I was younger, so I knew nothing about cannabis, really,” Ginny admitted. She was willing to give cannabinoids a try, but she was concerned about walking into any random place or buying a product online.

That’s when a friend recommended The Hemp Haus. “She told me just go over there and talk to them because they’re very knowledgeable about CBD. And she was right.”

The Hemp Haus team explained that the medications she was taking were only masking her pain, and how full spectrum CBD would stop the inflammation and help relieve the stress and anxiety that chronic pain had been causing her for so long.

“They weren’t pushy. They really wanted me to be confident about the products I was leaving with.”

Ginny left that day with Ananda Hemp Full Spectrum CBD Softgels, Ananda Hemp Spectrum Salve, and the Puffin Hemp Liposomal CBD … and her pain and stress immediately subsided.

“I no longer wake up five times a night from pain. I wake up with clarity in my brain, feeling rejuvenated and rested. I can get down on the floor to play with my grandkids. I’m so thankful!”

Aside from an occasional ache in her knees, the pain is gone. “When I talk to my son, he says I don’t sound like the same person. I’m back.” The rosacea on her neck, which can be linked to autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, is also going away.

You Don’t Have to Accept Side Effects: Woman Ends Suffering With CBD from The Hemp Haus

The Hemp Haus is passionate about high-quality full-spectrum CBD because it changes lives. For many customers in KC, CBD from The Hemp Haus has meant saying goodbye to prescription drug side effects. The following is the personal account of abreast cancer survivor whose quality of life was restored after she visited The Hemp Haus. It was originally printed in Her Life Magazine in 2019.

Mary’s Story

I am a breast cancer survivor—five years cancer free. My cancer was estrogen positive,which meant a lumpectomy and radiation. Unfortunately, that was not the end of my problems … To keep my cancer at bay, I have to take tamoxifen, an estrogen blocker. The results were symptoms of menopause—hot flashes, night sweats, moodiness, and irritation. To combat these side effects, I was prescribed Effexor ®, an antidepressant. Missing onedose of it meant the immediate onset of a side effect called “brain zaps”—an electrical pulse in my head that is extremely uncomfortable. As a result of the “brain zaps”, I was put on Zoloft ®, which introduced more side effects. Istarted to have manic episodes, insomnia, and severe OCD. It seemed like there was nothing that could work without creating some kind of newproblem or side effect, and I was at a complete and utter loss on what to do. I was stuckat a crossroads between wanting to keep cancer at bay, but not wanting to causemy body additional physical and mental damage in the process.

Mary’s Solution

Looking everywhere for solutions, my research led me to take a chance at The Hemp Haus. I didn’t know much about CBD at the time, but the other testimonials that I read were all glowing results. So I gave it a shot. After taking Ananda Hemp Full Spectrum CBD from The Hemp Haus, the “brain zaps”completely subsided. But that was just the beginning … I no longer need Effexor ® or Zoloft ®. I still have to take the tamoxifen but no longer have the discomfort from the side effects since taking Ananda Hemp CBD from The Hemp Haus. I haven’t had one manic episode, and my OCD has completely subsided. CBD from The Hemp Haus has completely saved my life. I would strongly urge people with any sort of health issue to give The Hemp Haus a chance. CBD truly works, and my life has changed forever because of it.

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