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Orange Lovers Delight: Orangelato Cookies Moon Rock Strain

Orange Cookies Delta 8 Distillate x Orangelato Flower

Got a sweet tooth? Do you like orange? Do you also like cookies? Well, then we've got the Delta 8 moon rock strain of your dreams. 

This Orange Cookies and Orangelato Delta 8 Flower combination is a fruity, sweet, and potent hybrid that will both chill you out and pump you up. Its combination of uplifting and relaxing effects makes it absolutely perfect for you and the gang to toke up before a nature walk or a backyard BBQ. 

Delta 8 THC Experience with Moon Rocks

If you've never heard of them, delta 8 moon rocks are the pinnacle of the Delta 8 THC experience. Picture premium quality Orangelato CBD flower dunked in powerful Delta 8 distillate not once but twice and then rolled liberally in a potent CBG kief to give it even more cannabinoid clout. That vision you just conjured up was the process of creating these Delta 8 moon rocks

It's not hard to properly smoke these super potent cannabinoid combinations, but there are a few things you'll want to take note of. For one, you're not going to want to smoke Delta 8 moon rocks from a bowl, joint, or blunt all by themselves, as the amount you'll need is too small for a solo toke. 

Get some CBD flower to accompany it, and you'll be good to go. Another thing to note is that if you're going to use a dab rig for your moon rocks, you'll want to slice off a small piece of it to vaporize rather than grinding it up. 

All of our Delta 8 moon rocks have their own unique terpene profiles, and terpenes all offer different effects. Read the description for more info on this strain's specific terpenes.


Orange Cookies x Orange Gelato Moonrocks

A heady combination perfectly suited for daytime use, Orange Cookies x Orange Gelato Moonrocks is more than a Creamsicle-flavored pick-me-up. It’s an altogether uplifting experience that can banish negative moods and helps users focus.

Orange Gelato Flower 

Orange Gelato flower forms the backbone of these Delta 8 Moonrocks. A sweet-tasting and balanced hybrid strain, it’s known for producing a heady buzz and energizing feelings. A great option for users looking for a daytime strain that won’t fog up the mind or leave the body too relaxed to function, Orange Gelato Delta 8 THC flower creates a gentle and enjoyable high that starts in the brain and flows downward into the body.

It gets to work quick. By the time the first sugary, orange-flavored hit is exhaled, the strain is already buzzing in the brain. Almost instantly, positive feelings start to push away bad vibes while energetic feelings begin to brew. It leads to the kind of clear-headed high that can often feel subtle because it creates perfect conditions for users to happily concentrate on whatever is in front of them, whether it’s office work, creative work, hobbies, or entertainment. It’s the ultimate strain for those who like to stay in the moment.

Energy & Good Vibes 

Increased energy and good vibes would be enough, but Orange Gelato also produces calming physical sensations. As a product of breeding the indica-dominant hybrid strains Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies, Orange Gelato has a rich genetic history of creating soothing physical experiences.

Orange Cookies

And it’s not alone. The Orange Cookies strain literally puts the icing on the cake. Made into a Delta 8 distillate and bonded to Orange Gelato flower to create this Moonrocks varietal, Orange Cookies brings its long-lasting relaxing feelings and an intense citrus aroma to the experience.

Terpene Profile 

On the surface, Orange Cookies delivers a citrus smell that balances out the earthy pungency of Orange Gelato. The secret to its juicy citrus flavor is its high quantity of a lesser-known terpene called Terpinolene. It’s also found in most orange species, including navel oranges, mandarins, and bergamot as well as closely related fruits like tangerines.


Genetically, Orange Cookies is 60% indica and 40% sativa. The indica dominance explains its more physical effects. Orange Cookies creates a mellow high feeling in the body while producing truly joyous effects in the mind. The body produces tingling sensations in the muscles that feel calming and help to remove discomfort. At the same time, it ushers in happy feelings in the mind that can lead to constant smiling and fits of laughing.

 When combined, these two orange-flavored strains complement each other’s effects. The Orange Gelato flower’s clear-headed high and energizing feelings are combined with the physical high of Orange Cookies, resulting in a completely uplifting experience.



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