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Northern Lights Flower with Berry Gelato D8 Distillate moon rocks

Berry Gelato Distillate on Northern Lights Delta 8 Flower Moon Rocks

Our Berry Gelato and Northern Lights Delta 8 moon rocks are among the tastiest Delta 8 combinations you're likely to find. A fruity, creamy Delta 8 distillate meets one of the most legendary flower strains known to man. Its relaxing effects are absolutely perfect for a chill night on the couch with friends and food.

If you’ve been seeking out the peak Delta 8 THC experience, Delta 8 moon rocks are your final destination. These otherworldly creations are like the Megazord of cannabinoids. 

They’re made by taking a premium quality hemp flower, in this case, Northern Lights hemp, and double soaking it in potent Delta 8 distillate. To add even more cannabinoid power (and give the moon rocks an even more eye-catching appearance), we then roll the Delta 8 soaked buds in our CBG kief.  

Smoking Moon Rock Buds

Smoking Delta 8 moon rocks isn’t too different from smoking regular flower, but there are a few distinctions you may want to take note of in order to optimize your experience. 

For instance, smoking moon rocks out of a bowl, or rolling them into a joint or blunt, should be done with some straight CBD flower to pad it out, as you’ll only need a small bit of moon rock to get things going.

Dab rigs are another great way to get the most out of your moon rocks, but make sure to slice off a small piece rather than grinding the moon rock up. 

Keep in mind that each distillate/flower combo has different terpenes, which offer different effects. Check the description for more info on which terpenes this strain contains!

Berry Gelato x Northern Lights Moonrocks

With a Berry Gelato distillate overlaid on a Northern Lights flower, this Delta 8 Moonrocks combination creates intensely sedative sensations. Those searching for the perfect smoke before bed won’t find a better option than this completely organic, indica-heavy juggernaut.

Berry Gelato

The Berry Gelato distillate that coats the outside of each Moonrocks nug takes its name from the sweet taste and fruity aroma it delivers. The inhale brings to a confectionary blueberry flavor and leads to an exhale that tastes like a fruity gummy bear. But while the smell and taste might be Berry Gelato’s calling card, its enduring comes from its physical and mental effects.


Created by crossing Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Blueberry, Berry Gelato is a well-balanced hybrid that leans slightly indica. It’s known for its muscle-soothing sensations and calming physical effects. On the mental side, it can lead to spacey thoughts and a strong desire to chill.

Northern Lights 

The indica powerhouse Northern Lights constitutes the core of this Delta 8 Moonrocks combination. One of the best known and most beloved strains for decades, Northern Lights produces euphoric highs and sedative physical sensations.


In fact, it’s hard not see Northern Lights as the strain that inspired the stoner archetype that Cheech and Chong rode to fame in the 70s and which continues to power Hollywood’s weed clichés. It’s a strain that makes people feel good all over. Starting with a tingling sensation in the back of the head and radiating outward through the body, Northern Lights is a mood unto itself. It inspires a unique kind of care-free happiness that many users want to experience again and again.


After an hour or so, Northern Lights’ mental high begins to fade, and its physical powers become more noticeable. As an indica, it produces sedative feelings that can quickly push users toward sleep. A strain that is best used in the evening or night, Northern Lights is a great way to relax after a long day or go to bed with a smile. Despite its physical effects, it won’t cause couchlock but may prompt users to fall asleep in front of the TV.

Two Strains for Maximum Euphoric Effects 

When combined in a Moonrocks format, these two strains maximize each other’s potential. The euphoria of Northern Lights meets the physical sensations of Berry Gelato to produces dazzling effects. A surge of good feelings radiates throughout the body, helping to erase feelings of stress and discomfort in both mind and body. Sparking a bowl of Berry Gelato x Northern Lights Moonrocks will fill any room with a heavily berry-scented aroma and send users off to bed calm and happy.

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