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Super Sour Diesel Distillate x Cryo Cured Bubba Kush

Strain Combination from Stardust Hemp Moon Rock

If you’re not familiar with moon rocks, prepare to get excited.


Moon rocks were created to deliver the most potent cannabis experience possible. Named for their craggy green appearance, moon rocks are actually two different strains of cannabis flower held together by a special distillate infused with extra cannabinoids and terpenes. It’s the cannabis equivalent of the turducken: three kinds of cannabis products squeezed into a single item.

How to Make Moon Rocks 

Making moon rocks is straightforward. A nug of cannabis flower is dipped into a cannabis oil distillate then rolled in the kief of another cannabis flower. For the uninitiated, kief is the trichome-rich white powder that results from grinding cannabis flower. When everything is combined, what’s produced is a lumpy green nug that is up to three times more powerful than flower alone. To say they’re extreme would be an understatement.  Click here for the Ultimate Guide for Delta 8 Moon Rocks. 

Combine Any Two Strains

Any two strains can be combined into moon rocks, but truly great moon rocks use strains that work well together. Combining Super Sour Diesel and Cryo Cured Bubba Kush, for instance, brings out the best in each strain for a truly unique experience.

Best Way to Experience Moon Rocks

For best results, users should smoke moon rocks with a glass pipe and a hemp-wick lighter. The process is simple. First, cut up one or two nugs into smaller quarters, then lightly pack them in the bowl of your glass pipe. Finally, touch a lighter to the nugs and inhale. Prepare to be patient, however, because the distillate in moon rocks can make them hard to light. Using a hemp-wick lighter will ensure you don’t spend those seconds inhaling butane fumes.

Indica Experience for Improved Mood & Relaxation

An indica experience like none other, the Super Sour Diesel Distillate x Cryo Cured Bubba Kush offering is a sure-fire way to improve your mood and relax your body.

Super Sour Diesel Flower

The outer layers of these moon rocks are composed of Super Sour Diesel flower combined with a special blend of terpenes and CBG. The strain itself is a pure sativa that has wowed users and critics alike for its cerebral and energizing high. The high created by SSD is a favorite among cannabis users in creative professions, who swear by its happy and get-to-work effects. The heightened moods and energy levels that Super Sour Diesel inspires makes it a great option for use during the day or early and before parties, going out, or dates.

Cannabinoids profile of SSD: THC, CBD, CBC, CBG, CBN & THCV.

Terpene Profile: Carene, Pinene, Myrcene, Ocimene, Humulene, Limonene, Linalool, Bisabolol, Valencene, Terpinolene, & Caryophyllene.

It’s also highly potent. Even in its Delta 8 form, Super Sour Diesel is not a great choice for new smokers, who may not be fully ready for a high-intensity sativa experience. Many novice users note that they feel spacey and find it hard to concentrate when under the sway of Super Sour Diesel, while more experienced users report that it works best in small doses for happier moods and a boost of energy.


Super Sour Diesel takes its name from its parent strains, Super Silver Haze and Sour Diesel. It produces an extremely pungent aroma that can fill warehouses with its citrus scent. To make the distillate that coats the outer layer of these moon rocks, SSD flower is kiefed, then terped to perfection to boost the efficacy and flavor. Our proprietary blend of terpenes is hand-selected to enhance the taste and power of both Super Sour Diesel and Cryo-Cured Bubba Kush.

Bubba Kush Cryo Cured Delta 8 Flower 

The center of each moon rock nug is made of Bubba Kush Cryo Cured Delta 8 flower. This strain has all the hardcore hallmarks of Bubba Kush flower, including an intense indica experience without couchlock and a delicious taste, only ratcheted up to their peak freshness.

Cryo Curing

Cryo Curing is a new way to prepare cannabis for use after harvesting. Traditional curing takes a long time and comes with risks, such as rot or infestation. Cryo Curing is the act of freeze-drying cannabis flower. It takes between 24 and 36 hours and results in several benefits for users. The flash freeze better preserves the plant, meaning that delicate features, such as trichome crystals on the outside and cannabinoids like THCA on the inside, don’t decay or fall off. Cryo Curing also gives cannabis flower a longer shelf life and prevents problems that can occur during slow curing process, such as mold and rot.

When you buy Cryo Cured cannabis, you get flower that looks, tastes, and smells like it’s just been pulled off the plant. It retains the bright colors and fresh fragrance of an on-the-stalk plant. In other words, it’s as close to freshly picked as possible.

Organically Grown 

Just like all our flower, this Bubba Kush strain is organically grown without any harsh chemical pesticides. It matures naturally in light-assisted greenhouses, but instead of going through a slow cure process, it benefits from Cryo Cure technology. As one of the most popular indica-dominant hybrids available, Bubba Kush has been wowing users for close to 30 years, ever since it was created in the mi- 1990s. The Bubba Kush high is valued for its calming vibes and euphoric sensations as well as the giddy moods and happy feelings it produces.



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