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Introducing Zkittles Moon Rocks

Blue ZKittlez Distillate x Zkittlez D8 Flower

Moon Rocks are the ultimate cannabis experience.


For the uninitiated, Moon Rocks consist of cannabis nugs dipped or sprayed with a cannabinoid-boosted extract then rolled in kief (the ground up trichomes of another cannabis plant). The result is a craggy looking mashup of two cannabis strains with extra terpenes and cannabinoids. Smoking moon rocks is most often compared to tripling the potency of a single strain. They are a favorite among users who desire the most extreme experience possible.

Complementary Strains for Moon Rocks

While any two strains can be combined into moon rocks, the best offerings pair complementary strains together to turbocharge the effects and provide a truly out-of-this-world experience.

How to Smoke  

Smoking Delta 8 THC moon rocks is easy, but requires a little bit more effort than regular cannabis flower. Thanks to the distillate, moon rocks are incredibly sticky. For that reason, it’s best to smoke them in a glass pipe, preferably a water pipe or bong, instead of rolling papers. Moon rocks should first be cut with scissors and lightly packed into a bowl, instead of ground up and densely packed. It also may be necessary to hold a flame to the moon rocks for longer than a traditional bowl, so using a natural wick lighter instead of a butane-fueled piece, produces better results.

Users seeking an intense indica experience that serves up relaxation and good vibes without the feeling of couchlock should look no further than these Blue Zkittlez x Zkittlez Delta 8 THC Moon Rocks.

Soothing Experience for the Mind & Body

The combination of two indica-dominant hybrid strains mixed with a special blend of CBG kief creates a thoroughly luxurious experience. Just a few hits can help calm the mind, soothe the body, and allow users to shake off the intensity of the day. With a delicious taste of candy and a fragrant fruity smell, these moon rocks are tailor-made to help you unwind after a stressful day or work or boost your enjoyment of quiet night at home.

The moon rocks’ outer layer is made of Blue Zkittlez Delta 8 distillate. Blue Zkittlez is an indica-dominant hybrid that tastes like sweet blueberry candy and produces a diesel-like aroma. As a cross between Blue Diamond and Zkittlez, the strain’s genetic profile hints how powerfully effective it is at relaxing the body and delivering euphoric jolts of positivity to the mind. Users describe Blue Zkittlez as a traditional indica strain lifts moods and doesn’t cause feelings of sleepiness.

The buoyant feelings inspired by Blue Zkittlez carries shines through into this moon rocks experience. They instantly brighten your outlook and push away negative thoughts that may be dominating your mind, replacing them with a burst of creativity thoughts that help you laugh more easily and tap into your grateful side.

Blue Zkittlez Flower

The Blue Zkittlez flower is kiefed alongside a proprietary blend of terpenes, which have been hand-selected to perfectly complement the flavor and efficacy of both the strains that make up the moon rocks. The CBG in the kiefed mixture delivers an extra layer of potency to the active Delta 8 THC, turbocharging its benefits without any terpene burn. Each moon rocks nug is double dipped in the kief to ensure a tasty and potent experience is fully realized with each inhale.

The moon rocks core is made from a 100% organic Zkittlez Delta 8 flower. A 70% indica-dominant hybrid, Zkittlez became a staple of cannabis stores after winning top prize at two Cannabis Cups in San Francisco and Michigan in 2015. At the time, judges praised the strain’s sweet berry flavor, which absolutely tastes like a popular brand of candy, as well as its mental and physical effects, which are deeply soothing.

Euphoric High

A Zkittlez high begins at the back of the neck and radiates down spine, sending waves of euphoric relaxation throughout the body and directly into the brain. Users describe the feeling as floating on a cloud of good energy without a care in the world.

Zkittlez is a combination of Grape Ape, a powerhouse indica known as much for its gorgeous appearance as its intense effects, and the deliciously pungent indica-focused hybrid Grapefruit.

Organically Grown Indoor Light-Assisted Greenhouses

Our Zkittlez flower is grown in indoors in light-assisted greenhouses and without the use of harsh pesticides or chemicals. Each plant is allowed to reach a natural maturity, then harvested and slow cured over 12-14 days to ensure maximum flavor and potency.

On its own, Zkittlez Delta 8 flower produces a mellowing buzz that leaves users relaxed but alert, and ready to enjoy a pleasant evening. When combined with Blue Zkittlez in moon rocks, the experience rockets into outer space.

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