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Introducing Kush Mintz Covered with Lemon OG Kush Distillate

New Psychoactive Moon Rocks: Lemon OG Kush Distillate Over Kush Mintz Delta 8 Flower

If you're looking for a psychoactive experience that tastes like you're kicking back on a poolside lounge chair on a warm summer day, then you've come to the right place. 

This Lemon OG Kush and Kush Mintz Delta 8 moon rock combo is a fruity, fresh, citrusy cannabinoid cruise ship, and you're the captain with the cool hat. Its euphoric and relaxing effects make it perfect for lounging around with the crew on a peaceful day, regardless of whether any of you has a pool. 

Of all of the different Delta 8 products that have become available in recent years, there are exactly zero that are anything like the Delta 8 moon rock. These tiny psychoactive asteroids are absolutely loaded with cannabinoid power

They're created using a premium quality CBD flower, in this instance, the Kush Mintz strain, which is then double-coated in potent Delta 8 distillate and rolled up in CBG kief like a cannabinoid cherry on top of the psychoactive sundae. 

Smoking this Powerful Combo

Keep in mind that there are a few small differences between smoking Delta 8 moon rocks and smoking flower. If you're using a bowl or rolling up a joint or blunt, you only need a small bit of moon rock in order to achieve the desired effects. 

For the rest, you'll need some CBD flower to add in. As far as dab rigs go, you can vaporize your moon rocks for sure — just slice off a small piece rather than grinding it up. 

Every Delta 8 moon rock strain contains a different terpene profile, and different terpenes have different effects. Please read the description of this strain to learn more about its terpenes.

Lemon OG Kush x Kush Mints Moonrocks

This Moonrocks product delivers a perfectly balanced mind and body high with a zesty lemon scent.

Lemon Kush

A distillate of Lemon OG Kush is melted onto the flower to provide a fast-acting component to this sleep-friendly Moonrocks combination. Lemon OG Kush is the product of two powerful strains: OG #18 and Las Vegas Lemon Skunk. Users familiar with members of the Kush family won’t be surprised to learn that it produces sedative sensations and tranquil moods that help to manage stressed out and anxious feelings. The strain has a zingy lemon smell, thanks to a rich terpene profile dominate by D-Limonene, and a sweet taste that brings to mind citrus-flavored candy.


Officially, Lemon OG Kush is a 50/50 split of indica and sativa. While genetic makeup isn’t always indicative of effects, in the case of Lemon OG Kush it’s spot on. It starts with a buzzy feeling in the body that slowly spreads. Immediately after the physical effects begin, a mental burst of creativity-inspiring feelings set in. Lemon OG Kush’s cerebral effects are unique among Kush family members and have help set it apart.

Kush Mintz Delta 8 Flower

Beneath the Lemon OG Kush distillate lies a Kush Mintz Delta 8 THC flower. Known for elevating moods while sending the body into the throes of a deeply relaxed feelings, Kush Mints is a hybrid strain that’s also evenly split between indica and sativa. The high starts in the body, usually with a tingle in the gut, and creeps up gradually. It creates floating sensations


Graced with a highly pungent earthen and citrus scent and boasting a taste of fresh peppermint and cookies, Kush Mints is a potent force to experience. Genetically, it’s a cross between the popular Bubba Kush and the lesser-known Animal Mints strain. Fans of Bubba Kush will be pleased with the euphoric rush Kush Mints delivers, and indica devotees will be surprised with its powerful body high.

Although it tastes minty on its own, the terpene Limonene dominates Kush Mintz, which makes it taste compatible with the Lemon OG Kush core. By itself, Kush Mintz is known to be a creeper strain that takes a few minutes to kick in after inhale. But once it does—look out! Kush Mints has gained an ardent following thanks to the euphoric feelings it inspires.


By combining two evenly split strains, Lemon OG Kush x Kush Mints Moonrocks is a product that can work anytime, day or night. It’s a great starting point for users who are new to the Moonrocks experience and is a great option for those who want the full experience of organic Delta 8 THC.

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