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Hybrid Delta 8 Strains...The Best of Both Worlds

Get the Best of Both Worlds with Hybrid Delta 8 Strains

Delta 8 Hybrid Strains

Delta 8 strains are often categorized as either indica or sativa, but there’s a third kind that delivers the effects of both. Hybrid strains result from years of genetic breeding between indicas and sativa to produce new kinds of smells, tastes, and sensations.

Hybrid strains can be both energizing and relaxing at once. They’re great for beginners who aren’t sure which kind of cannabis best suits their needs, and they’ve widely coveted by connoisseurs who are interested in sampling the latest crossbreeds.

 Chances are, if you’ve tried Delta 8 bud before, you’ve probably tried a hybrid strain. The combination of sativa and indica genetics means users get the best of worlds.

 The world of hybrid strains is large and diverse. There’s literally something for every type of consumer and every kind of need. Whether you’re looking to buy Delta 8 flower online or searching close to home for “Delta 8 flower near me,” hybrid strains offer the widest range of benefits and highs available.


Here are some of our favorite hybrid strains:



Biscotti Indica Dominant Hybrid

Named for the traditional after-dinner cookie of Italy, the Biscotti strain delivers a heady and relaxed high. The buzzy feelings and creative surges it unlocks tend are most notable for their slow approach, tending to creep up several minutes after smoking. It’s perfect to for users who want a deep body relaxation combined with giggly psychoactive effects. The slow-but-powerful onslaught of body and mind effects has made Biscotti extremely popular.

 Biscotti Delta 8 Strain

Biscotti descends from the legendary Cookies Fam that has produced strains like Girl Scout Cookies and all its derivatives. Specifically, Biscotti is a cross between the indica-dominant hybrid Gelato #25 (also known Barry Bonds) and the ultra-energizing old school strain Florida OG. Taking its euphoria-inducing effects from Florida OG and its sweet taste and body high from Barry Bonds, Biscotti manages to outdo both of its parents. Its quick rise to popularity has cemented its status as a powerful, great-tasting varietal that’s great for day or night usage.


The Delta 8 bud itself matures into a shade of dark green with purple undertones. Each Biscotti bud is densely packed and covered in blazing orange hairs and white trichomes to create an Instagram-worthy look. Dominated by a terpene Caryophyllene, the strain smells like cookies with subtle hints of gas underneath, thanks to its OG parentage. But the real star is the taste, which is sugary sweet and delicious.


The only downside to Biscotti is the tendency to overdo it. The great taste and slow effects mean that new users may end up taking more hits than necessary. The best advice when trying Biscotti is to wait an extra 10 minutes before taking a second, third, or fourth dose.



Grand Daddy Purple Indica Heavy Hybrid

Grand Daddy Purple has been famous since it was created in 2003. It’s deep purple coloring, intense indica effects, and one-of-a-kind aroma have connected with cannabis users on deep levels, making the rare strain that’s equally popular among newbies and old hands alike. Famous since its inception, GDP has consistently won high marks at competitions across the globe, including taking first place at the 2015 Denver High Times Cannabis Cup in the category of Best U.S. Indica.

 Grand Daddy Purple Delta 8 Strain

All the hype around Grandaddy Purps is well deserved. Many describe the effects of this Delta 8 hybrid as an out-of-body experience that keeps your body on the couch while your mind floats freely through euphoric feelings and buzzy sensations.


This strain is a cross between the sleep-inducing indica Big Bud and the gorgeous Purple Urkel. It was created in Northern California and immediately prized for its dark purplish shadings coated in white crystals as well as its berry-like aroma and unique taste. The flavor of GDP is somewhere between grapes and pine, and it sticks around well after the exhale.


GDP blossoms into big, fluffy buds that are coated in sticky resin and orange hairs. The flower itself is sticky, making it a superb choice for a hybrid Delta 8 preroll. The effects of GDP come on quickly and strongly. The biggest side effect of Grandaddy Purple is couchlock, but it can also cause the munchies. Its powerful sedative properties make it a true night time strain.



Cherry Cheesecake Indica Dominant Hybrid

The Cherry Cheesecake hybrid Delta 8 strain creates a relaxing, full body high accompanied by an elevated mood and happy feelings. It has light effects that create a gentle high that’s perfect for kicking back with a movie or enjoying a night out with friends. The milder sensations it produces mean that your mind stays sharp throughout the feelings of euphoria without making you over-tired.

 Cherry Cheesecake Delta 8 Flower Bud

An indica-dominant strain that was created by crossing the feel-good Cherry Pie indica with Kimbo Kush, Cherry Cheesecake is best known for its sweet and creamy cherry taste and funky chocolate-and-cheese scent. Grow indoors in light-assisted greenhouses, Cherry Cheesecake grows into elongated light green nugs that are completely covered in a white resin crystal that give it a frosted appearance.


As a light indica hybrid, Cherry Cheesecake is a great choice for users who want to enjoy a happy, relaxed high while still functioning. It’s become popular among creative professionals, who often turn to Cherry Cheesecake for its gentle effects and stress-relieving powers that don’t impede art making. It’s also a great strain to pass around at parties or among friends. 


It’s a great strain for afternoons and evenings, although some users report using all day long. Side effects of Cherry Cheesecake Delta 8 hemp flower are rare and very limited. Too much Cherry Cheesecake can cause gentle couchlock, but users are more likely to experience the giggles.



Strawberry Cough Sativa Dominant

A potent sativa-dominant hybrid loaded with Delta 8 THC, the Strawberry Cough Strain gets its name from the flavor and thickness of the smoke it produces. But while it can make even the most experienced smokers wheeze, the important distinguishing factor of Strawberry Cough is mind clearing effects.

Strawberry Cough Strain

Strawberry Cough produces energizing and uplifting feelings that zap away stress. It’s also a fun strain for recreational users who want to boost their creativity or take a little bit of their edge off. It’s tailor made for daytime usage, providing a quick pick-me-up.

Interestingly, Strawberry Cough has unknown parentage. The best guesses speculate that it’s a descendent of the sativa strain Erdbeer, the sweet-flavored indica Strawberry Fields, and/or Haze, a sativa-dominant strain created in California in the mid-1960s. What is known about Strawberry Cough’s genetics is that it’s roughly 80% sativa and 20% indica.


Strawberry Cough produces tapered, pear-like buds that are notably small. Each bud is densely packed with leaves covered in tiny red hair and white trichomes. The leaves stick together thanks to an intense amount of resin that coats the entire plant from stem to leaf. If you want to buy Delta 8 flower that energizes and relieves stress without slowing you down, Strawberry Cough is the right option.


Kush Mints 50/50 Hybrid

A truly balanced strain that creates potent body and mind effects, Kush Mints bursts with a cool and refreshing flavor. Just a single puff from a Delta 8 ounce of Kush Mints can keep a mind clear nearly two hours. The one-to-one blend of indica and sativa enhances the effects of each, delivering a perfectly even high to the mind and body at once. The balance makes Kush Mints a great choice for recreational users and other patients alike.

 Kush Mints Delta 8 Flower

Be warned, however. The crystal-coated buds of Kush Mints have an intense smell that fills rooms with a sweet and earthy aroma that has subtle hints of coffee and pepper. The taste is minty and a bit spicy with a sweet-flavored notes that show up on exhale. The buds themselves mature into a deep green color over brownish tones. White trichomes provide a frosty appearance to the fluffy, mid-sized nugs.


The strain is the result of a mix between the mighty Bubba Kush and Animal Mints. The true hybrid nature of Kush Mints leads to different effects in users. It’s regularly recommended as a great introduction to Delta 8 CBD flower because it provides a nice overview of how the chemical affects both mind and body. It’s also a great social strain. Its equilibrium prevents users from feeling too sedate or heady while experience a full-body relaxation and mellow euphoric feelings. 


Cascade Pineapple Strain

This sativa-forward strain smells and feels like a Hawaiian vacation. Delivering a laid-back body high while producing energizing euphoric feelings in the mind, Cascade Pineapple is some of the best delta 8 flower for sale online. It’s a strain well suited for weekends or a midday escape. Although it’s not as powerful as other sativa strains on this list, the gentle high of Cascade Pineapple makes it a good choice for social occasions and newcomers.


Cascade Pineapple Strain

Dominated by the terpene Myrcene, which is commonly found in citrus and tropical fruits, Cascade Pineapple has a pungent aroma of pineapple and lemon. Its taste is similarly sweet and fruity, with earthy undertones and a hint of diesel gas. The buds are long and missile-shaped and blossom into a bright green color. Small red and orange hairs cover the airy nugs, and small clear trichomes dot its leave.


As a hybrid strain, Cascade Pineapple is well balanced. Its body and mind effects hit in roughly equal measure. Tingling feelings begin about a minute after inhaling, usually starting in the spine and radiating out through the body. Soon, moods are elevated, and a general sense of calmness pervades the mind. It’s commonly used for stress relief and recreational enjoyment.


Its gentle effects mean you’re unlikely to overdo it. Try this as a Delta 8 hybrid preroll to pass around at a party or in the backyard. The mood-elevating effects can grease social wheels while the body high helps melt away stress.


Mango Kush Indica Dominant Hybrid Strain

With a 65% to 35% indica-to-sativa split, Mango Kush acts quickly to create a comfortable body buzz and optimistic, giggly high. Its Indica effects go to work on stress as it imbues the mind with a feeling of giddy happiness. Best used in the evening or at night, Mango Kush starts off by providing a burst of happy feeling and finishes with total body relaxation that borders on couchlock.

 Mango Kush Strain

Mango Kush was developed by crossing the strain called Mango with the powerful Hindu Kush indica. As you might expect, Mango Kush has a strong Caribbean aroma that brings to mind mangoes and bananas. Its taste is similarly tropical, with notes of fruits over a hint of earthy pine. The buds themselves are large and fluffy, blossoming into a deep green color and riven with orange pistils.


Many users report that Mango Kush brings out their talkative and giggly side initially, but eventually wears into a sedate relaxation. People who use it in social settings report needing to re-dose themselves after about an hour before the pure couchlock effects kick in. Side effects are mild and include drifting off to sleep and red eyes, although the munchies can occur as well.


Lemon Kush Strain

A perfectly balanced strain that’s 50% indica and 50% sativa, Lemon Kush is proof that a Delta 8 hybrid strain can deliver potent effects to both the mind and body. 


Lemon Kush comes on strong and stays active for roughly two hours. Its high begins with a tingling sensation that quickly segues into a double hit of simultaneous mind and body effects. Users report it leaves them feeling upbeat and relaxed at the same time.


Lemon Kush buds have a distinctly citrus smell that comes from high levels of the terpene Limonene. The rich lemon scent is powerful and can linger for hours after the package has been opened. The taste of Lemon Kush is, unsurprisingly, citrusy, but also sweet. And its lack of skunky or gas-like flavors makes it a genuine delight to smoke. 


The flower produced by Lemon Kush matures into light green or yellowish nugs that are small and densely packed. The popcorn-sized buds have an outer coating of clear trichomes that sparkle like sugar crystals and hint at the intense potency of Lemon Kush’s effects. They are sticky to the touch and quite fragrant.


Another strain with unclear parentage, Lemon Kush is most often thought to be created by some mix of Master Kush, Lemon Joy, Afghani Kush, and/or Lemon G.


No matter if it’s used as a hybrid Delta 8 preroll or straight flower, Lemon Kush is recommended for experienced users. Side effects are similar to other very powerful strains. It can lead to dry mouth and red eyes.


Chem Dawg Strain

Chem Dawg leans slightly indica, with a 55% to 45% mixture, and has been a long-time hit among both recreational users and non-recreational users. It’s an old strain that has been prized for its extremely powerful effects for more than 50 years. Its balanced effects produce high levels of euphoria while stripping away stress and negativity. The body high creeps up more slowly, adding a lightweight feeling to the head’s happy vibes. 

 Chem Dawg Strain

While its parentage has long been lost to history, Chem Dawg’s absurdly great genetics have led it to produce such famous strains as Sour Diesel and OG Kush. Fans of those strains should check out Chem Dawg to experience the powerhouse that birthed their favorite varietals.


The flower Chem Dawg has an old school skunky smell of earth and diesel. The taste is similar, but with less punch. The pear-shaped buds turn a classic green shade as they mature, and every nug is shot through with orange hairs and dusted with clear trichomes.


As one of the best Delta 8 flower products available, Chem Dawg comes with a warning. Its hard-hitting effects deliver powerful euphoric feelings and stress relief but taking too much can lead to headaches and dry mouth. Those who haven’t tried Chem Dawg before are advised to start with only a small amount and increase after the full effects have set in (usually ten to twenty minutes).


Space Cake Strain

If you’re ready for an out-of-this-world experience, buckle up and try Space Cake. This is an extremely potent strain that manages to be cerebrally energizing and physically relaxing at the same time thanks to its 65% to 35% indica-sativa split. One hit delivers an upbeat and enjoyable high, while three might send you straight to a spaced-out couchlock. Its powerful indica base makes it an evening and nighttime use strain. If you’re looking to buy Delta 8 flower that creates pleasantly powerful effects, Space Cake is the way to go.

 Space Cake Strain

A Space Cake high starts with a burst of creative happiness. As your thoughts begin to flow, the body sinks into a deeply calm state. The effects are great for an at-home evening with friends or alone. 


Space Cake was created by interbreeding the Girl Scout Cookies strain with Snow Lotus. The resulting effects are often compared to a more powerful version of Girl Scout Cookies, thanks to the extra trichome production that comes from the strain’s Snow Lotus parent.


The Space Cake flower blossoms into egg-shaped buds colored an otherworldly fluorescent green. The nugs are sprinkled with white trichome crystals and covered with wiry orange hairs. Its flavor is a subdued, with a sweet and peppery taste upon inhale and a mossy feel on the exhale. The pungent smell is mainly herbal, with notes of spices and nuts underneath.


For those lucky enough to find this Delta 8 flower near me, it’s a great strain to smoke before bedtime, as it can make you slide happily into a deep sleep. Side effects are extremely mild and include sleepiness and couchlock.


Goliath Strain

Named for its oversized bud structure and gargantuan effects, Goliath is an evenly balanced 50-50 indica-sativa hybrid that packs a punch into flower products and Delta 8 prerolls. It produces a two-layer buzz that relaxes the body into a blissed-out relaxation while engaging the mind with upbeat feelings. Goliath is particularly adept at easing tensions and relieving inflammation, and recreational users have discovered it’s a perfect way to move from evening to night. The sativa side leads to energetic and creative conversations, while the indica side calms down the body and ushers in sleepiness.


Goliath has deep roots in the Kush family. It’s made as a mix of Gorilla Gloo, Grateful Breath, and Platinum strains, which makes Goliath the grandchild of strains like OG Kush, OGKB, and Master Kush. Its genetic lineage shines through in its funky, earthy aroma. Taste-wise, Goliath Delta 8 hybrid prerolls is mostly peppery with hints of diesel gas and a fruity undernote thanks to presence of a somewhat rare terpene called Ocimene.


Goliath’s buds develop a bright lime green hue coated in sticky crystal trichomes. Its terpene profile large and varied, although fronted by Myrcene with Limonene coming in at a close second.


Even though it’s a hybrid, Goliath’s powerful indica side means it should be reserved for evenings, nights, and days off. It’s both relaxing and uplifting, but as the energizing sativa effects fade away (usually after an hour to ninety minutes), the sedative sensations of the indica grow deeper and lead to drowsiness.


Peach Goliath Strain

For users who want the awesome power of Goliath with a sweeter taste and more energy, Peach Goliath is here. Defined by its sweet smell and summertime taste, Peach Goliath is a sativa-dominant hybrid Delta 8 THC flower that provides an energizing lift that leaves you happy and clear-headed. A daytime alternative to the potent effects of Goliath, the Peach Goliath strain helps boost creativity and positivity, making it great for social occasions, outdoor activities, making art, or enjoying weekends.


Opening the packaging of Peach Goliath flower floods the room with the scent of pine trees and ripe fruit. When smoked, it tastes like sweet peaches, with tingly spicy notes of pepper underneath. The exhale is mostly earthy and herbal.


Although you might expect Peach Goliath to be the descendent of the Kush-heavy Goliath strain, its parentage is unknown. Like Goliath, it produces overly large buds that are densely packed with and coated in clear trichomes. A big resin producer, it’s sticky to the touch and produces a thick smoke that can cause coughing.


Recreational users have flocked to Peach Goliath for the fun high it brings while allowing you to socialize. Some users find that Peach Goliath makes them extra chatty; others say it helps them focus creatively.


Gelonade Strain

Best known for creating tingling sensations and talkative, uplifting effects, Gelonade is a sativa-forward hybrid strain with a lemony taste. Its long-last effects include an upbeat mood, increased energy, a chatty disposition, and feelings of deep comfort. Powered by its forceful 70% indica side, the Gelonade high starts out as a tingly sensation that slowly washes over the body as the mind shoots straight to the stratosphere on a rocket of euphoric feelings. It’s a day-time strain that’s perfectly suited to provide a lift in energy and mood and keep party guests relaxed and talkative.

 Genetically, Gelonade is a cross between Kush-descended Lemon Tree and the extra-potent Gelato #41. Its smell in anchored by a vanilla-like sweetness over notes of citrus. The taste is more lemony, complete with a sour exhale. The buds themselves are light green and thick, resembling small eggs or large grapes, and covered with fuzzy tan hairs. Topped by a frosting of purplish trichomes and bursting with a gigantic amount of Delta 8 THC in flower, Gelonade’s flower is sticky and produces a medium amount of smoke.

 Having won first place in the 2018 Cannabis Cup’s Sativa Flower category, Gelonade has become a go-to option sativa-favoring enthusiasts who enjoy its energizing effects. Newcomers should be careful, however. Gelonade hits powerfully, throwing a one-two punch of mind and body effects. While there are few side effects, the rush of uplifting happy vibes can make some people feel odd for a few minutes. The best advice when first trying Gelonade is to wait several minutes between hits.




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