How CBD Changed My Life: A 67-Year-Old Ex-Powerlifter’s Story

Lebron’s CBD Story – The Hemp Haus

Praise for The Hemp Haus Staff

Before we begin, Lebron agreed to tell me his story on one condition: He made me promise to start off by saying how outgoing the staff at The Hemp Haus is and how they excelled at customer service.

“They are always super nice and I love the customer service that is spot on. These are good products for the public and they are there to answer your questions.”

Lebron is the kind of guy who, like us, believes that a great product is only part of the equation in a successful business. Your business is your customer service. High-quality products like our Ananda Hemp CBD Gels and Puffin Hemp Liposomal CBD help us establish trust. But the other half of it is being there for people with compassion for their needs and the knowledge to be able to help them.

Thanks for the very kind thumbs-up, Lebron!


What Led Lebron to Try CBD Oil

With a half-century of lifting weights under his belt, Lebron has seen some injuries. Many of those years were spent powerlifting. And he’s had nearly a dozen surgeries to prove it. He has torn his Achilles tendon, suffered bone spurs, had knee injuries, a collapsed disc in his neck, and a broken leg just to name a few. In just the last 5-6 years, he tore his triceps and his rotator cuff and broke his arm.

He listed these injuries off to me in such a friendly, non-bitter, matter-of-fact tone, that I wasn’t surprised to hear that he still lifted at age 67. It would obviously take a lot to get him down.

Turns out there was something.

In early 2019, he began experiencing issues with his heart. He was in AFib (irregular heartbeat), had to go on a calcium blocker, and ultimately had an ablation procedure. From April-November, he had to tend to his heart health and had to stop going to the gym. If you work out in any regular kind of way, you can imagine how hard that was.


How CBD Works for Lebron

Despite his lifetime of injuries, Lebron did not take pain medication. He has, however, always had trouble going to sleep. Because of this, he took Xanax for a long time and eventually began to use Ambien with it to sleep.

But he never liked the side effects or morning grogginess of these meds.


CBD vs. Xanax

As you may know, lots of people take Xanax, or benzodiazepines, for anxiety and to sleep. According to Statista, there were over 25 million prescriptions written for alprazolam, a general term for benzos like Xanax, in 2017. And that was down a couple of million from the previous few years.

Could it be that sedatives are trending downward because they, like opioids, cause drug dependency and addiction? Also, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, people who use benzos and opioids together are at higher risks of a drug-related emergency. (For more information on the side effects and risks of Xanax and a comparison of it to CBD, check out this article on our educational resource website, Nature’s Breakthrough.)

I would also venture to say that it’s possible that Xanax use is trending downward because CBD oil has come on the scene. Now, we have no scientific evidence at this time for that claim, but at The Hemp Haus, we consistently hear accounts of how people have weaned themselves off of Xanax or avoided having to use it for their anxiety or insomnia. And they come from all ages, genders, and backgrounds of people. Could be a breast cancer survivor in her fifties. Could be a young man with severe ADHD. And it could be a story like Lebron’s — a 67-year-old weightlifter who couldn’t sleep.


The Best CBD for Sleep

“It wasn’t from anxiety or worry or anything. I don’t know what it is. I just don’t get tired.”

This is how Lebron explained it when I asked him why he couldn’t sleep; why he had to take so much Xanax and Ambien on top of that. But like many people, he wasn’t fond of the grogginess caused by these conventional meds. He had to sleep, though. About the time of his heart issues, he discovered The Hemp Haus, and began to use our recommended CBD products for sleep.

It was shortly after this that he was sent to a sleep doctor as a part of the overall investigation into his heart issues. Because of the CBD, he was able to stop taking Ambien, and over the next several months began weaning himself off of the Xanax — which is important to do, especially if you have been taking it regularly for a long time.


He reports that he takes Ananda Hemp CBD Gels 45 minutes before bedtime and Puffin Hemp Liposomal CBD 15 minutes before.

“It’s amazing,” says Lebron. “The next morning I can’t tell I took anything. I wake up pain-free and not groggy.”

When he relayed his experience of being able to sleep with CBD and with no side effects to his sleep doctor, the doctor agreed that he was better off using hemp products.

We recommended two different forms of CBD for Lebron. First, Puffin Hemp Liposomal CBD works wonders for getting to sleep because it is potent and gets into your system immediately — that’s the liposomal technology. You’ll notice that Lebron found that he only needs to take it 15 minutes before he wants to hit the sack.

Second, we recommend Ananda Hemp CBD gels, an oral form, because they help you stay asleep because they take longer to get into your system, but stay in it longer, which is why Lebron takes his 45 minutes before bedtime.

We, of course, only recommend brands like these, that we know are high-quality and are rigorously tested. In fact, each brand has been involved in one or more human studies that have been published in peer-reviewed science journals. Ananda Hemp was used in a human study that showed it reduced use and improved pain and sleep in opioid users. Puffin Hemp Liposomal CBD has been a part of two published human studies: one that showed how it was safe to use and normalized blood glucose levels and another that proved that liposomal CBD has a significantly higher bioavailability rate than an oral CBD.


The Best CBD for Pain

I also wanted to know if Lebron, who had a policy of not taking pain medication, found any relief from pain by taking CBDfrom The Hemp Haus.

“I’ve had more relief in the last year for pain than in a long time. Especially for my arm, my neck, and my back.”

He says that he wakes up pain-free, which we think is amazing considering all his body has been through.

And as of November 2019, he’s no longer in AFib and is off the calcium blocker. But most importantly, he’s back in the gym.

“I believed the Lord touched me, and I use the gym now to witness to the young guys in there.”

He also tells them and anyone who will listen, like chiropractors and pharmacists, about how Puffin Hemp and Ananda Hemp CBD changed his life.

He says that now that he’s retired and back in the gym, he’s using CBD to re-regulate his routine.

“I will never not take it,” he says.

All we can say to that is, Hallelujah, Lebron!


The Hemp Haus Is Here for You

If like Lebron, you are looking to try CBD for relief, but are not sure where to start, we are here for you. It’s a core part of our mission to help people find the CBD that is right for them. And we want you to be comfortable, so no pressure — just compassion, knowledge, and help. Contact us with any questions or comments.



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