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Delta 8 Strains That Are Named After Your Favorite Foods

Delta 8 Strains Named After Favorite Foods

The Hemp Haus has several different Delta 8 strains named after beloved foods, some of which may be among your favorites. To help you get acquainted with more of these strains, we’ve created this comprehensive guide to seven of our finest. Think of it as a menu for our Delta 8 restaurant. Dig in and enjoy!

What Gives Delta 8 Flower Its Flavors and Aromas?

One of the amazing things about Delta 8 flower is that it can offer a tremendous variety of different scents and flavor notes. They can range from fine cheese to exotic fruit to diesel fuel to rich earth to grandma’s basement, bathroom cleaner, sweet dessert, and more.

It really is fascinating how different each strain can smell and taste and how evocative each of those aromas and flavors can be.

But what is it that gives Delta 8 THC flower its flavors and fragrances? It may seem like it at times, but it’s not some sort of artificial spray created in a lab by the same people who make Yankee candles and Jelly Bellies.

The litany of scents and tastes that come from this plant can be mostly credited to two different types of natural chemical compounds: terpenes and cannflavins. What are those, exactly? Read on to find out.


You’ve likely heard of terpenes before if you’re any kind of cannabis enthusiast or even just a fan of plants in general. They’re the chemical compounds responsible for most plants' aromas, and they’re often used to create scented products like perfumes and shampoos.

There’s a decent chance that you have terpenes to thank for at least one or two of your favorite smells or flavors.

Interestingly, terpenes are also believed to work in tandem with the many cannabinoids present in hemp and marijuana (and by extension, Delta 8 flower) to produce or enhance some of the medical benefits and psychoactive effects.

Research has been done into the medical uses of isolated terpenes, and you may very well be seeing them become their own form of medicine someday.


Cannflavins may sound like some kind of artificial food ingredient your fitness instructor tells you to avoid, but they’re actually one of the most underrated and awesome parts of the hemp and cannabis plants, and they’re definitely not bad for you. 

Cannflavins are the particular flavonoids found in hemp and cannabis. No, flavonoids are not the name of an evil alien race from a 1950s comic book; they’re a form of phytonutrient which can be found in pretty much any fruit or vegetable, as well as in many different parts of all kinds of plants.

They’re responsible for many things, including providing plants with the beautiful colors they need to attract pollinators.

Flavonoids are believed to provide the following medical benefits:

  • Anti-viral properties
  • Anti-cancer properties
  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Anti-allergen properties

We told you they were amazing.

Our Delta 8 Strains Named After Your Favorite Foods

Now that you’re a bona fide terpene and cannflavin scholar, it’s time to conduct further research into them by checking out these fantastic flavor-heavy Delta 8 strains.


Few things enhance that post-dinner cup of coffee like a fine biscotti you can dunk in it. These lightly sweetened crunchy almond biscuits hail from Italy, but they are widely appreciated on this side of the Atlantic, too.


Okay, the Delta 8 Biscotti strain doesn’t look like the nutty oblong cookie it was named after, but it still boasts quite an attractive appearance. Expect rich green buds (thanks, cannflavins!) generously dusted in glittery trichomes that are bursting with all of your favorite cannabinoids.

Aromas and Flavors

Like the original biscotti, Delta 8 Biscotti is also a great after-dinner treat, as it’s indica dominant, meaning it will help you and your full stomach settle into the couch for a chill night of relaxation and conversation.

It boasts a sweet cookie flavor just like its namesake, and also like its namesake, it has a few other hidden flavors nestled inside of it, such as fruit and diesel. If you’re thinking, “the only thing missing here is a hot cup of joe,” then just wait for that tantalizing coffee-laden exhale. Biscotti experience complete.


As we mentioned, the Delta 8 Biscotti strain is indica dominant, so it’s going to give you more of a relaxing sedative effect than a stimulating and energizing one. Expect a warm body high that will give you a soft euphoric glow, leaving you chilled out and open to some breezy socialization with close friends.

If you’re the anxious and overstressed type, or if you’ve just had a damn long week at work, give this strain a try when the dust settles on Friday night, and you won’t be disappointed.


Cookies Delta 8 Strain

Ah, the basic cookie. Often cited as the finest of all foods by any child with enough teeth to chew, these simple yet widely celebrated treats have been a part of civilization’s dessert menu since the 7th century A.D.

They are believed to have begun their humble journey to snack superstardom as small test cakes used by Persian bakers to gauge the temperature of their ovens. Cookies have come a long way since then, finding their way into every possible iteration over the course of well over a millennium.

Mrs. Ruth Graves Wakefield of the Toll House Restaurant in Massachusetts had an all-time lightbulb moment back in 1937 when she decided to throw some chocolate chips into her cookie mix. There have been no formidable contenders for the Cookie Crown since.


These juicy green buds may not have any chocolate chips hidden inside them, but in their place are numerous beautiful red-orange pistils, which have a similar decorative effect. They’re also sugar-coated with sparkling trichomes that let you know you’re not skimping on the cannabinoids.

Aromas and Flavors

Nothing quite tops the scent of fresh-baked cookies, but you will find a competent challenger when you unseal a bag of these Delta 8 Cookies buds.

Take a whiff of that sweet and fruity scent to prime yourself for a dip into these sativa-dominant hybrid sweets. Light some up in whatever way you please, and you’ll enjoy an equally rousing panoply of sweet flavors.


This sativa-dominant hybrid strain will certainly have you feeling fresh baked. Expect a high that’s full of warm energy and creative thinking.

The strain’s mild indica inclinations will keep you from being that kicking-your-heels-as-you-skip-through-the-nature-preserve kind of high, though, so you can still enjoy a relaxing evening with friends upon toking.


Gelato Delta 8 Strain Wax

Gelato is a lighter, fancier version of ice cream that comes in all manners of fantastic flavors and colors. You’ll often see storefront gelato freezer displays lining the streets of romantic European cities, most commonly in Italy, seeing as that’s where it was invented.

If you’re lucky enough to find yourself on some extravagant European adventure, make sure to find one of the gelato vendors who do all sorts of gravity-defying tricks with their products, like juggling scoops or tossing them into their co-worker’s mouths from across the store.

It makes the dessert even more fun than it already was. If you’re like the rest of us, and you can’t afford that sort of expensive getaway, you can always check out the Gelato Delta 8 strain. You don’t need a passport, and you won’t be disappointed.


The Gelato Delta 8 strain is so beautiful that it should probably be displayed in the storefronts of romantic European cities, too.

The buds contain various shades of both deep and bright green. They’re dotted with red-orange hairs as if they’d been filled with the same sort of delicious ingredients as the strain’s namesake, and the abundance of dazzling trichomes give this bud a fittingly icy finish.

Aromas and Flavors

You’ll certainly receive some more earthy scents and flavors from Delta 8 Gelato than you will from pretty much any type of regular gelato, but that doesn’t mean there are no similarities between the two in terms of smell and taste.

Expect orange, blueberry, and sherbet notes when you unseal the bag to take in the aroma, and the same when you pack up a bowl or roll a joint and pull in that first flavorful inhale. The smoke is about as velvety smooth as the finest gelato in all of Italy.


Delta 8 Gelato is indica-dominant, meaning it may not actually be the best for you to toke if you plan on taking to the streets of Milan or Florence afterward. Well, maybe it is, but the relaxing sedative effects and glowing euphoria it offers are generally best enjoyed after a long day out in the world.

This consideration is especially true given the strain’s ability to relieve the pain and tension that is commonly acquired during out-of-the-house excursions.

Berry Gelato

So you like fruits in your dessert? Well, historically speaking, you are far from alone.

You may be surprised to learn this, but for many years, centuries even, fruit was actually a common dessert in and of itself. In fact, in France, the term for a post-meal sweet treat was actually “le fruit” before it became “dessert.”

In modern America, sugar is far too plentiful, and sweets have evolved far too much for most of us to find a bowl of blueberries a satisfactory exclamation point on a multi-course meal, but that wasn’t always the case.

Certain fruits were often rare and difficult to obtain in years past, and therefore they were considered an incredible dessert-worthy delicacy for many. Perhaps your love for berries in your gelato was written into your genetic code by a fruit-revering ancestor?


When you first bust it out of the bag, Berry Gelato Delta 8 is likely to elicit the same sort of wide-eyed veneration that humans in centuries of old felt when they were presented with an exotic fruit after their meal. It’s bright green, speckled with red-orange hairs, and topped off with cannabinoid-filled trichomes that make it look almost confectionary.

Aromas and Flavors

The terpene and cannflavin gods most definitely blessed this Delta 8 strain. As you might have guessed, it packs a potent fruity punch in both the aroma and the flavor departments, but it also carries some more delicate earthy notes that make for a well-rounded bouquet to go with its super relaxing effects.


Berry Gelato Delta 8 is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain that’s as relaxing as it is trippy. If you’re feeling anxious or stressed out, or you’re just in the mood to melt into your couch with some Delta 8 dessert, this strain should receive strong consideration.

Lemon Gelato

Some of us love sugary sweet desserts, like a big old slice of frosted cake; some of us love something rich and decadent, like fudge brownies. Then there are others with slightly funkier sensibilities who like a little tartness to contrast all that sweetness.

Lemon is the ultimate ingredient for those folks, and Lemon Gelato Delta 8 is the ultimate strain.


Lemons have to be among the brightest and boldest looking naturally occurring objects. Fittingly enough, the Lemon Gelato Delta 8 strain is a bright and bold beauty itself. Its leafy portions aren’t necessarily glowing, but its bright orange hairs and glistening trichomes make it much more comparable to its citrusy counterpart.

Aromas and Flavors

Go ahead, take a shot in the dark at what this Delta 8 strain tastes and smells like. Give up? Lemons. The answer is lemons. Come on, man.

Don’t worry if you failed that pop quiz, though, because, in reality, there’s a lot more complexity to this strain’s terpene profile than simple citrus. It’s got some blueberry and sherbet in it, too, and a hearty puff will give you notes of the earth and wood from which those aforementioned lemons grew.


This strain is a hybrid that’s fairly Indica-forward, but it’s not likely to throw you in a psychoactive straight jacket, as it provides a bit of energy, too. You’ll be feeling warm and fuzzy and euphoric, but you’ll also be open to some creative stimulation, so bust out that guitar or throw on some tunes after you toke up.

Ice Cream Cake

Is it your birthday? If not, it’s definitely someone else’s birthday, so there’s literally always a good reason to enjoy a slice of one of the most delicious dessert superteams ever assembled: the almighty ice cream cake.

Many believe that this celebratory sweet treat puts standard cake to shame with its combination of multiple ice cream flavors, moist, delicious cake, fun birthday sprinkles, and those ridiculously good little chocolate cookie crumbles, or whatever they are. Man, that stuff is good.


A perfect cross-section of ice cream cake is an astounding sight to see, and so is one of these Delta 8 Ice Cream Cake buds.

It’s an incredible combination of deep green and purple, coursing with flowing orange hairs that frankly put Prince Harry to shame, and of course a healthy frosting of potent trichomes that’ll make you feel like it’s your birthday, any day.

Aromas and Flavors

Yes, Delta 8 flower can taste like ice cream cake. If you don’t believe us, then bust out a bud of this stuff, pack it up, and take a puff. There’s sugary sweetness, subtle vanilla, and even some delicious dough hidden in there. The smoke is creamy and tasty enough to make the CEO of Baskin Robbins punch the air in a jealous rage.


Have you ever sat down to ponder at length how ice cream cake is actually made? If not, you probably will after a few tokes of this Ice Cream Cake Delta 8 flower.

It’s an indica strain that will chill you out and keep you kicked back while you contemplate the very nature of dessert. It’s also good for pain and anxiety relief and for helping you get some sleep.

Orange Cookies

If you consider orange cookies your favorite treat, that’s honestly pretty cool because they’re definitely not the most common dessert out there.

However, the combination of sugary cookie and the orange zested frosting is probably something that deserves a little more credit, so you may very well be onto something. You may also be into this Delta 8 strain.


Orange Cookies Delta 8 flower is most definitely an eye-popper. The bright green buds almost have the appearance of some kind of exotic citrus fruit, which may or may not be a coincidence. Pair that with the orange hairs and the scintillating yellowy trichome coating, and you’ve got something that’s more than worthy of its namesake.

Aromas and Flavors

The primary terpene found in Orange Cookies is terpinolene, which, as you may have already guessed, is a primary terpene found in tangerines, mandarins, and of course, oranges.

Take a hit of these bounteous buds, and you’ll have a sweet and juicy experience that's akin to biting into the citrus-tinged confection from which the strain’s name is derived.


This Delta 8 strain is sativa-dominant, so you can expect a buzzy, euphoric high that will enhance the mood and inspire some creativity. You won’t be feeling overwhelmed by the energy, though, as it manages to keep you feeling quite relaxed throughout the experience. This strain is also good for relieving stress and anxiety.

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