CBN Isolate: The Sleeper Cannabinoid with Surprising Benefits

CBN Cannabinoid for Sleep

Beauty Sleep, CBN, and The Hemp Haus


According to the CDC, adults need seven or more hours of sleep a night for optimal health and well-being. If you rolled your eyes around your head at that one, you’re likely one of 50-70 million adults that has some kind of sleep disorder. If you’re not getting enough beauty rest, or if you’re sick of buying 4-6 hours of sleep a night with a sleeping pill for the price of grogginess and traditional sedative side effects the next day … lean in. CBN is the sleeper cannabinoid that’s been getting attention for its natural sedative effects. And here’s the kicker: No traditional sleep aid side effects, just more amazing benefits!


What is the CBN Cannabinoid?

Cannabinol (CBN) is a cannabinoid—a chemical compound found in the cannabis plant. There are over 113 known cannabinoids, some of which have some pretty impressive and useful therapeutic effects, which is why we want to help you get to know cannabinoids better.

Awareness of cannabinoids has only just left the gate. Cannabinoid science is relatively new, and the powers that be are finally comprehending the plethora of impacts it could have on health and medicine. CBN is one of those cannabinoids that’s been sitting by quietly while the effects of CBD and THC pave the way for knowledge and advocacy. Even though it was the first cannabinoid to be identified, CBN’s obscurity was probably due to its relatively low occurrence in the cannabis plant compared to CBD and THC. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have oodles of benefits to offer.

CBN is unique because it doesn’t take up residence in the cannabis plant like most other cannabinoids. It’s a metabolite of THC. Put simply, it’s what THC degrades into when exposed to air, time and heat. CBN does not, however, have the psychoactive effects of THC. As it turns out, aged cannabis is rich in CBN (due to natural breakdown of THC). So, yeah … cannabis is the plant that just keeps on giving!


Can CBN Help You Sleep?

Currently, CBN is best known for its natural sedative properties. According to Steep Hill, a California-based cannabis testing and research lab, 5mg of CBN has the same level of sedation as 10mg of a pharmaceutical sedative, such as diazepam. With CBN, however, you will not have the next day grogginess or the side effects of traditional sleep meds. (That’s a trend you’ll notice about cannabinoids—they treat issues without the side effects of traditional meds). But wait, there’s more …

CBN for Sleep

CBN, especially when combined with other cannabinoids like CBD, can reduce those potential disruptors of sleep (and nope, we’re not talking about the kids!). It can decrease the inflammation around your puffy morning eyes, reduce neural and muscle spasms, fight depression and improve your overall mood. We wrote a blog on some of our products to help with CBD for Sleep

While the preclinical evidence that CBN works as a sedative is preliminary, there is much anecdotal proof, which is why doctors are getting behind the all-natural power of this cannabinoid. Our friend and medical director at Ananda Hemp, Dr. Capano, has personally observed that CBD with higher levels of CBN has improved insomnia and restless leg syndrome in patients.

Additionally, Sleep Doctor (and sleep guru to Dr. Oz) Michael J Breus, Ph.D. shares his endorsement of CBN as an “up and comer as a natural sleep therapy” in his recent article in Phycology Today.


What Are Some Other Benefits of CBN?


  • Appetite stimulation
  • Stimulation of bone growth and development
  • Prevention of glaucoma
  • Analgesic effects
  • Anti-inflammatory effects
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Burn treatment
  • Psoriasis


CBN, Full Spectrum, and the Entourage Effect

When you think CBN, think full spectrum or the entourage effect. Why? Because CBN works best in concert with CBD and other cannabinoids. Full spectrum CBD includes other cannabinoids (THC, CBG, CBN, etc.) and beneficial plant nutrients like terpenes and cannaflavins. Put it this way, if CBD is carrying a damn fine tune, the other cannabinoids are joining in to make it a full piece orchestra.

This describes the entourage effect: the synergistic manner in which cannabinoids and phytonutrients work together to enhance their effects. The Hemp Haus recommends full spectrum or broad spectrum (sans the THC) cannabinoids in the form and concentration that will work best for your issue. Our knowledgeable team is always here to help you figure out the best solution for you. Our CBN Products are from our created brand, Stardust Hemp. 

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