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Best CBD Pre Rolls to Try in 2022 (Updated)

Best CBD Pre Rolls to Try in 2021

What Are CBD Pre Rolls?

Ever get in the mood for a hemp flower joint but don’t feel like rolling one? You don’t always have the time to do a joint justice—or the focus—which is why you might be reaching for some CBD flower in the first place. That’s when you want to reach for a pre roll. And not just any old CBD joint—only the best CBD pre rolls will do. Pre rolls are ready-to-spark joints you can buy, that should be filled with high-quality CBD or CBG flower and tightly wrapped just right in raw cones.

The other great thing about a high-quality CBD pre roll—you can sample strains. Find a good hemp preroll brand that uses raw papers filled with grade A, hand-trimmed flower and no biomass, and you can bring home a veritable buffet of hemp strains and benefits to sample. No doubt, 2021 will be rolling out some must-try CBD and CBG strains available in pre-rolled form for your convenience. So, to help you get started, we’ve put together this list of CBD pre rolls you won’t want to miss out on in this coming year.

Blue Genius CBD Pre Rolls

You want a pre-rolled hemp joint that is chock-full of CBD effects, so you can conveniently get some calm clarity into your day or add some pleasure to it. When you grab this strain sourced from high-quality, hand-trimmed hemp flower, productivity is going to rule. Factor in an earthy pine and citrus bouquet, and flavors ranging from pine to citrus to spice to gas, and you’ve got more than enough reasons to keep some of these brilliant CBD hemp joints around and ready. Ramp up focus and creativity with this strain. We recommend these—the best and most affordable Blue Genius CBD Pre Rolls for the new year. 

Hawaiian Haze CBD Prerolls

Want to take a tropical trip to happytown? Grab a pre-rolled Hawaiian Haze hemp joint and lift your spirits without the THC head-trip. This hemp herb is paradise by way of a myrcene-dominant terpene profile. Fruity aromas burst in like an island breeze, leaving hints of fresh earth and flower. Tropical flavors of pineapple and mango follow, subtly blessed with evergreen and pepper. But this hemp flower preroll has effects to rival the sultry allure of its characteristics. The benefits of CBD bud go to the head like the calming energy of a stimulating breeze. Chatty and chill is a great way to end the workday or slay some social events. Get this Hawaiian Haze brand if you want one of the best CBD pre rolls to try in 2021. 

Hempress 2 CBD Pre-rolls

Want a hemp flower that will help you rule your day with the calm confidence of royalty? How about one that’s majestically pre-rolled in a raw cone, ready to bring high-quality hemp Sativa effects into your life? This pre-rolled joint is packed with regal aroma—fresh, clean earthiness budding with pine and citrus. And a little skunk, for the rabble out there. Her smooth and earthy-sweet flavor is for peasant and nobleman alike. Try the Hempress CBD pre-roll that could balance, self-assurance, and clarity to the masses in 2021.

Jack Frost CBG Preroll

Some days you just need a little attitude adjustment. A soul tweak. When you’re feeling off, having a Jack Frost CBG preroll can get you back on again. Whether it’s the workday or another challenge, sometimes a gentle jolt is just the thing. This light and hoppy hemp flower provides whiffs of hay and cedar that convert to a fresh tangy taste popping with pine and citrus. When life knocks you out of focus, Jack Frost hemp flower effects say remember who you are and click you into an uplifted perspective. 

John Snow CBG Pre Rolls

If you’re after energy, creativity, and focus, this high-CBG pre roll is where it’s at. John Snow CBG hemp flower now comes pre-wrapped in raw papers so you can conveniently snag your groove back. The pungent aroma of diesel will snap you awake, followed by soothing sweet scents of citrus and earth. The flavor starts out sour and then rolls into luscious lemon and berry. When your job, your day, your people, your life have drained you of your gumption and tolerance, let John Snow take the wheel. Get this high-quality CBG pre roll to have immediate hemp flower effects on demand.  

Kush Hemp CBD Pre Rolls

Kick it with all the old school characteristics of the original Bubba Kush, without the intoxicating effects of THC—thanks to E1 hemp. Get all the looks, smells, and tastes: powerfully sweet aromas punctuated with earth and spice. The fragrance leads you to a flavor experience that’s equal parts dank, sweet, and woodsy. In the CBD flower effects department, this Indica-dominant hybrid specializes in relaxation. Be one of the first to get the best Kush CBD pre roll of 2021.

Oregon White CBG Pre-rolls

You want a pre roll that is packed with grade A, hand-trimmed trichome-frosted flower. Because that means you’re getting a CBG hemp joint bursting with characteristics and therapeutic benefits. A cypress pine, fresh flower, and black pepper terpene bouquet welcomes you to earthy, floral flavor. Whether you want to soothe inflammation or need some mental-clarity, the CBG hemp flower effects of Oregon White will get you feeling focused and uplifted. But with a calm you can’t get with a THC high. Shop now for the best Oregon White pre-rolls of 2021.

Pineapple Haze CBD Pre Rolls

This tropical sweet sativa is hard to resist, especially when it’s a high-quality CBD flower pre-rolled in a raw cone for you. Go ahead and indulge in the sweet pineapple scent with a dab of earthy funk. When you spark up and inhale, you’ll get a classic Sweet Tarts flavor followed by a subtle floral earthiness. These CBD hemp flower effects will help you get to a comfy, festive, focused place in your day. You might be up for a social gathering or getting creative on a project with a few puffs on this CBD hemp joint. Get a peek at the best Pineapple Haze CBD pre rolls for the coming year.

Sour Diesel CBD Prerolls

You can grab a pre-rolled hemp joint and zoom into productivity with this provocative gas-powered strain. This one’s not for the faint of heart (or nose). Expect a skunky scent punctuated with powerful notes of gasoline and jolts of sour citrus. The flavor of Sour Diesel is every bit as dynamic as its aroma. A skunky tang mingled with gas leads the charge, followed by delicate notes of sweet and sour citrus that gently please the palate. The ensuing high-powered sativa effects come on quickly. This motivating and uplifting strain is great for course-correcting your mood, your energy, and your day. Get the prerolls connoisseurs buy for their Sour Diesel experience. 

Sour Space Candy CBD Pre Rolls

Now you can reach for a hemp flower strain that offers out-of-this-world effects in conveniently pre-made CBD joints rolled in raw papers. A vibrant terpene profile gives off the scent of sweet and sour Warheads candy with a hint of earthy, dank aroma. Candied apple and black cherry flavors swirl in the inhale and prepare you to be uplifted by the hemp CBD flower effects. Treat yourself to a pre roll packed with high-quality Sour Space Candy CBD bud. 

Suver Haze CBD Pre Rolls

This strain has a powerful sweet and skunky aroma—and now you can grab a pre-rolled raw cone full of this loud-smelling CBD flower. An earthy scent abounds with this bud, followed by floral, citrus, and peppery notes. The flavor, as potent as the fragrance, is smooth and full of sweet fruit and black pepper. You can thank a unique terpene profile (Myrcene, Farnesene, Caryophyllene) for that, as well as enhancing the CBD effects. Find out which Suver Haze CBD Pre Rolls we recommend for 2021. 

White Widow CBG Pre Rolls

When you want focus, creativity, and relief rolled and ready to go, this is the strain to reach for. Make sure it’s packed with grade A flower and rolled in raw papers for optimum flavor and benefits. These CBG hemp flower joints ooze a terpene story of earthy, floral, and spicy scents with a pungent finish. In the smoke, you’ll get an herbal taste mingled with citrus and pepper. The CBG flower effects of this strain can get you chatty, creative, and comfy and offer relief from inflammation. Remember, only high-quality hemp rolls will do, and we know just the White Widow CBG pre roll for you.      

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