9 Benefits of CBD Face Masks by Kana Skincare

What is Kana?

When we asked founder and chief formulator Janice Buu about her Kana Skincare company name, she told us an interesting story.

“I was trying to craft a name that combined the elements unique to my brand: Cannabis, Korean beauty, and a female-based mission. It wasn’t until after I registered the name that I discovered its meaning—powerful female. It was like it was meant to be.”

The Kana Skincare line distinguishes itself by combining the healing power of full spectrum hemp-derived CBD with botanical secrets of Korean beauty recipes. Two of the results are botanical face masks that work brilliantly while you sleep.

As you may know, hemp oil has been used for acne and eczema. People have professed the power CBD for treating rosacea. And no doubt you’ve heard of CBD oil praised for its anti-aging effects that will extend the life of your skin.

So naturally, CBD beauty products have emerged. But nothing quite like Kana CBD botanical sleep masks.

They are the caliber of hemp skin care product that The Hemp Haus owners are pleased to feature. And Janice Buu is just the kind of CBD industry visionary they are proud to partner with.


About the Kana Skincare Formulator

Health and wellness has always been a motivating factor in both Janice’s personal and professional endeavors. This is evidenced by a journey that began with a BA in psychology and biology. During her career as a behavioral therapist for children with autism, she found herself at a crossroads.

“I learned my most improved patient’s mom was giving her child cannabis oil,” Janice said. “She asked me to keep it confidential.” As a result, Janice was inspired to leave behavioral therapy and pursue an entrepreneurial path paved with cannabis awareness.

“In 2014, everyone was focused on CBD for medicinal applications. I decided to focus on how it could promote wellness and beauty for women,” Janice revealed. After experimenting with natural K-beauty recipes and testing products with manufacturers in the U.S. and Canada, Janice finally assembled a group of award-winning formulators and chemists from Korea in the U.S.

Kana Skincare ingredients are all-natural and made in the U.S. The CBD is full spectrum and sourced from U.S. grown hemp.


What Does CBD Do for Skin?

In this article we’re giving you a list of CBD skin benefits. They are very specific to Kana CBD sleeping face masks. And honestly, they go beyond the benefits of beauty. Here’s Janice Buu articulating this idea so well:

“Beauty presents itself when we balance our health and nutrition mentally, physically, and spiritually. I am a firm believer in total plant-based philosophy! It is the most natural way to treat, enhance, and boost what our body needs while being environmentally friendly.”

At The Hemp Haus, we agree that it’s this holistic approach that makes exceptional CBD skin care products.

Before we get to the list of all the benefits of these CBD sleep masks, let us give you a proper introduction to these two amazing Kana Skincare products:



Perhaps the most famous (it’s been seen in New York Magazine, PopSugar, Nylon, The Cut, Shape & more), the Kana Lavender CBD Sleep Mask combines CBD and innovative skincare from Korea. Organic full spectrum hemp is combined with 28 active botanicals to naturally heal and hydrate skin.







But equally as amazing is the Kana Purple Rice CBD Sleeping Mask. This is the one reserved for those of us who refuse to be taken down by aging. Star ingredients phytocannabinoid (full spectrum CBD) hemp reduces inflammation and licorice root extract brightens and smoothes fine lines.

Now on to why these sleep masks are too good to be missed.




Benefits of CBD Sleep Face Masks by Kana


1. CBD is an Antioxidant

One huge CBD facial benefit is that it is a natural antioxidant. Studies show that CBD decreases free radicals. Using CBD for your skin means flushing and removing toxins and chemicals that can flood your bloodstream and pores.

CBD oil for beauty makes sense because of its potent antioxidant effects. Kana sleep masks can help counteract the signs of aging caused by free radicals in your face.

But anti-aging from CBD oil’s antioxidant properties is not all you’ll get from Kana Skincare. Not by a long shot.


2. Anti-inflammatory CBD

Anti-inflammatory face mask is music to our ears. A mask for my puffy morning face? Yes, please!

People have been using CBD for skin inflammation ever since studies have been revealing its natural anti-inflammatory effects. So if you indulge in some delicious adult beverages and salty snacks the night before, a CBD face mask will reduce the appearance of swelling and puffy eyes the next morning.

But don’t settle for any CBD oil on your face. Use a Kana CBD Sleeping Mask to restore your rejuvenated and rested look.


3. CBD for Acne and Sensitive Skin Conditions

You’ve probably heard. CBD oil can treat eczema. Hemp oil works for acne. CBD for rosacea. All true if it’s a quality hemp beauty product.

Research has found that CBD works in two ways on acne. It inhibits too much production of sebum, keeping acne from developing, or combats inflammation in existing acne.

CBD interacts with endocannabinoid receptors in the skin to help minimize inflammation, itching, and pain in people with eczema and psoriasis. The same also applies to anyone with itchy, dry or sensitive skin. According to a 2017 review from the University of Colorado, CBD, cannabinol (CBN), and cannabigerol (CBG), have potent effects on eczema and psoriasis treatment.

 But what about quality skincare benefits plus Korean beauty in a botanical sleeping mask? Kana is inspired by culture and experience. Janice Buu grew up watching her Korean-born mother pull ingredients from the fridge to make all-natural face masks. Her skin was sensitive. She could not use most commercial products.


4. CBD is Naturally Hydrating

Another reason to use a CBD oil face masks is because as we age, our skin loses moisture. Our bodies aren’t as efficient at stimulating and balancing oil production. The result is fine lines and wrinkles.

Cbd oil is a formidable adversary for wrinkles. It works to bring back that balance to your skin.

And what makes Kana sleeping masks so amazing is that it combines natural K-beauty secrets to reinforce the plumpness to your skin. Natural botanicals like purple rice extract promote hyaluronic acid increase in the structure of the skin. Licorice root smoothes fine lines.

The 28 active botanicals in the Kana Lavender Sleeping Mask combine with hemp to hydrate your skin. The many benefits include skin plumping with hyaluronic acid and a-bisabolol.

With Kana’s cannabis beauty products, you have the power of hemp-derived CBD plus a lot more.


5. The Sleep Mask Factor

Visionary Kana CBD Skincare formulator Janice Buu says she wanted to take advantage of the fact the body works hard to heal and repair while we sleep. Pairing that with the botanicals in her CBD sleeping mask just made sense.

But along with working in tandem with your body’s innate healing power, the sleep mask makes your skincare routine more efficient. It absorbs into your skin. There’s no heavy mask that will rub off on your pillow or sheets. You can apply it over any other product you use in your evening skincare routine. And you simply wash your face in the morning as you normally would.

No having to wait 20 minutes, then go wash the mask off and continue with your skincare routine. It can simply be the last step before you go to bed. Now that’s refreshing.

This is the kind of ingenuity makes Kana Skincare the best CBD brand for your face.


6. Reduce Headaches

As you may already know, topical CBD oil can be used for pain. The high potency of CBD is known to absorb into your skin for relief from aches, pains, and spasms.

Therefore, applying CBD oil to your face can do the same. If you suffer from regular headaches, a CBD skincare product could offer some relief and even reduce their frequency. This could be especially true of Kana’s CBD sleeping masks.

Not only would the CBD offer relief, but the calming botanicals would contribute as well. Which brings us to our next benefit.


7. CBD and Botanical Relaxation

Think of it as a CBD daily soothing serum (that you use nightly) that comes with the bonus of aromatherapy.

Both Kana calming face masks are loaded with active botanicals like lavender and a variety of other flower essential oils.

Kana is created with the belief that mental and physical health should be a part of beauty routines.


8. Short- and Long-term Skin Health Effects

Another reason we believe Kana is the best CBD for skin care is that it has both immediate and long-term effects.

After one use, you will experience an overnight glow, and wake up feeling refreshed in you skin. Many have shared experiences using these masks to help make their skin ready for events like weddings and other appearances.

But use Kana CBD sleeping masks daily, and you will have continuous brightening and improved skin health. Cell regeneration, wrinkle fighting, and plumper, clearer skin are what you can look forward to when you use this product regularly.

Women even say their skin seems to glow through their makeup.


9. Plant-based Korean Beauty

This CBD facial while you sleep is all natural and organic, eco-friendly, and is created through natural processes as well.

Whether you skin is sensitive or it’s important to you that your beauty products are natural and created responsibly, putting a Kana sleeping mask into your CBD beauty routine is a smart move for your overall health and well-being.


Other Amazing Kana Skincare Products

In addition to these CBD sleeping masks that we love, we’d also like to share these two Kana Skincare products that will have wonderful effects on your skin.


Kana CBD + EGF Infused Active Botanical Essence takes skin renewal to the next level. True to the Kana way, it’s full of natural, soothing ingredients and hemp-derived CBD. But it also has a secret weapon for simulating skin renewal: Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF). Use it morning and night to combat free radicals for tighter, plumper, healthier skin.





 LIT CBD Premium Facial Oil Blend is your skin’s new best friend. Not only does it soothe and hydrate dry skin, it gives you a glow can be put on at any point in your routine along with any product. You can even use it to refresh your makeup.







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